It is important that your home, especially the foundation, is kept in good repair because this is where you live your life and raise your family. Your home is a priceless asset to you and your family. The foundation of your home can affect the whole structure. A Diamond Certified foundation contractor in the cities of Pacifica, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Foster City and Burlingame can make sure your foundation is in place and that you are safe and secure in your home. A foundation contractor can also build the foundation if you are planning a new home or remodel.

There are many factors that can affect your foundation and one of them is water. Water is a major issue with foundations. When water seeps under and into a foundation, it can actually cause cracks. These cracks grow larger in time. As these cracks grow larger, they will cause your foundation to weaken and affect the whole structure of your home. Other issues that affect your foundation are geographical shifts and the settling of soil. A San Mateo Count