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Barbara Schallau Consumer
Bay Area

Hany Louis CEO/General Manager
The Tile & Grout King Inc.

Jagdish Hegde Consumer

Leigh Bakhtiari President
City Carpets

Cecile Monfort Consumer
San Jose

Mark Corrallo President
All Seasons Construction

Jim Baylor Consumer
Bay Area

Bev Oliver Consumer
Bay Area

Gifford Teeple Owner
A Reliable Handyman

Tami Aviles Consumer
Bay Area

Tommy Herren Owner
The Lighting Geek

Watch this video on the Diamond Certified Resource: the most accurate and trustworthy way to find local companies rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise.

We’ve all felt the joy of choosing a good local company and, unfortunately, the pain when we mistakenly choose a bad one. The problem is, every company claims to be good, yet despite these glowing claims some provide inconsistent quality while others are downright unscrupulous.

We’ve solved this problem for you with the Diamond Certified Resource. Only local companies independently rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise™ earn Diamond Certified. Our rigorous rating and certification process starts with the in-depth pass/fail rating of each company’s customer satisfaction, license and insurances. Most companies can’t pass our rating and earn Diamond Certified, and every Diamond Certified company must continue to deliver on its promises to you, the consumer. That’s why we conduct ongoing customer satisfaction research and credential-based ratings and monitor each company’s performance.

Every Diamond Certified company is backed by our powerful Performance Guarantee, so you’ll feel confident in your choice when you use our always-free web resource or Diamond Certified Directory. If you try unsuccessfully to resolve a disagreement with a Diamond Certified company, our mediator will work with you and the company to attempt to reach an agreement that both parties can live with. If the mediation fails to produce a mutually agreeable solution due to failure of the Diamond Certified company to honor contractual obligations, uphold industry standards or participate in good faith, we will refund your purchase price up to $1,000.

Each time you visit, you’ll see each Diamond Certified company’s Deep Info, including researched company rating reports, verbatim survey responses, essential articles, photo galleries, videos and expert tips. We put all the information you need to choose a company in one place, and no other web page can match this depth of information.

When you choose a Diamond Certified company, you’ll never be fooled by fake or cherry-picked reviews because we survey a large, random sample of each company’s customers by telephone (typically 100 surveys) to get the most accurate ratings and verify only real customers are responding. Company owners can’t cherry-pick by telling friends and selected customers to post 5-star reviews on our site—we don’t allow it.

So, if you want quality, you’ll have confidence in choosing a Diamond Certified company. We encourage you to visit this website on a regular basis to find updated ratings on top rated companies in your area, see verbatim survey responses on each Diamond Certified company, and read thousands of industry-specific expert articles and tips. We care about customer satisfaction, and we care about you. We’re proud to give you all the information you need to choose with confidence.



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Each Diamond Certified Company Report gives you the most accurate and comprehensive Deep Info available for each company. It includes proof of Diamond Certified status, rating charts, verbatim survey responses, essential articles about the company, a capabilities table, a Diamond Certified Video Profile, key photos, company owner expert tip contributions and more. Click on the graphic to learn more


    We survey a large, random sample of each company’s customers by telephone to get the most accurate ratings...


    In addition to providing rating scores for Quality, Intent to Return and Helpful Expertise, each surveyed customer is...


    You get to see the company in action, meet the managers, and learn as they describe their specialties and customer...


    You can choose to scan or go deep into these five researched articles on each Diamond Certified company: Company...


    Each company’s key info is logically organized within this table. You’ll find this system of display gives...


    Top rated local company owners are experts in their fields, and they’ve written topic-based expert articles and created...


    If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about an entire portfolio? You’ll get a better sense of each company once...


    This is a good place to go if you want to do extra research on a company. Here you’ll find a link to each company’s...

5 Things to Ask a Mover

Posted on April 10, 2018 by James Florence

Before hiring a moving company, you’ll need to inquire about several things, from licensing and insurance to scheduling and payment. However, there are a few questions many homeowners don’t think to ask, but should. Here are five things to ask a mover: Read more

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Avoiding an “Oil and Water” Situation With Interior Painting

Posted on April 05, 2018 by James Florence

Interior painting may have once been a simple task, but during the last couple of decades, it has become a lot more complex. This is primarily due to the widespread transition from oil-based to water-based paint products. Because of this fundamental shift, you need to be careful when repainting—otherwise, you may find yourself in a real “oil and water” situation. Read more

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  • N. N. L. .

    Verified customer
    Quality 10
    Loyalty Yes
    Helpful expertise Yes

    They've been great for us on specialized electrical jobs. We have a 3-way converter system and they're the only ones who know how to work on it.
    I like that Joe will call me directly.

    Response to Diamond Certified Company Greenwood Electric, Inc.

  • Kim W.

    Verified customer
    Quality 10
    Loyalty Yes
    Helpful expertise Yes

    He knows how to stay calm under stressful situations. He went the extra mile for us. He's witty and pleasant. On my most recent purchase, he did some extra work that the seller's agent was supposed to do plus our side as the buyer. He made me very very happy.
    I found out after the purchase that Ron is a volunteer for the courts with conflict resolution and mediation. Those skills help both the buyer and seller stay calm. There were some issues on the seller's side of things like I mentioned, but Ron went above and beyond with making everyone feel comfortable. The mediation and resolution skills went a long way.

    Response to Diamond Certified Company Ron Lee RE/MAX Gold


Bill Shepherd is president of Shepherd’s Plumbing Heating & AC, Inc., a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (650) 409-1467 or by email.


Bill Shepherd: A Plumbing Affinity

By James Florence, Diamond Certified Resource Reporter

SAN JOSE — A third-generation plumber, Bill Shepherd was introduced to the trade at an early age and never looked back. “My family has been doing plumbing since the 1930s, starting with my grandpa,” he recounts. “I did my first job when I was six years old, when I helped my dad install a toilet at a neighbor’s house. From that point on, I basically fell in love with plumbing. I really enjoyed working with my hands and just had a natural ability for it.” During his teen years, Bill regularly worked for his father on afternoons, weekends and during summers before coming on full-time after high school. Read more

Expert tip
How to Prevent Toilet Problems
SAN JOSE — Even if your toilets work fine 95 percent of the time, problems are bound to arise once in a while. Whether your toilet is running non-stop or clogged and about to overflow, knowing what to do can… Read more

Steve Villa is president of Rafael Floors, Abbey Carpet Center, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (415) 669-4944 or by email.


Steve Villa: An Unlikely Ascent

By James Florence, Diamond Certified Resource Reporter

SAN RAFAEL — Few people go from sweeping floors to managing operations at the same company, but Steve Villa did that and then some. “I started at Rafael Floors back in high school,” he remembers. “Ron Leach, the original owner, was my next-door neighbor, and he offered me a job in his warehouse. I would come in every day after school and sweep the floors, run errands, and make deliveries. From there, I became an apprentice installer and continued to work part-time through college. After graduating with a degree in business administration, I returned full-time as an administrative assistant. Read more

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Wood and Faux Wood Flooring Options
SAN RAFAEL — If you’re thinking about installing a wood or faux wood floor in your home, you’ll want to know the full spectrum of your options. Here’s a summary of these options and their benefits: Authentic wood flooring The… Read more

Dean Knecht is owner of Dean Knecht Painting, Inc., a Diamond Certified company since 2008. He can be reached at (650) 648-3925 or by email.


Dean Knecht: Painting Heritage

By James Florence, Diamond Certified Resource Reporter

MILLBRAE — Few professionals can trace their professional legacy back six generations, but Dean Knecht is one of them. “I’m a sixth-generation painter,” he affirms. “My family’s painting legacy began in Hamburg, Germany, and was carried over to the United States by my great-grandfather. His son—my grandfather—was a painting contractor, as was my father after him. I started working for my dad when I was 15 and later became his business partner. After about 18 years with my dad, I started my own business, which I’ve been running for almost 30 years.”

Today, as owner of Dean Knecht Painting, Read more

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How to Avoid Security Concerns When Painting Your Front Door
MILLBRAE — Painting your front door may seem like a simple task, but it can get surprisingly complicated. One complicating factor is the fact that you have to remain at home until the paint is completely dry, as you won’t… Read more

Jay Lucas is president of Santa Rosa Moving & Storage, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (707) 742-3978 or by email.


Jay Lucas: A Moving Legacy

By James Florence, Diamond Certified Resource Reporter

ROHNERT PARK — As president of Santa Rosa Moving & Storage, Jay Lucas represents the third generation to run his family’s business. However, had it not been for certain technological advancements, he may have been in an altogether different industry. “My grandfather started this business in the late 1940s,” he explains. “Originally, it was a different sort of company—it sold firewood and ice, which at the time were the primary sources of heat and refrigeration. Most of the ice sales were to fishermen who worked in the Sausalito Harbor and wanted to keep their fish fresh. Of course, when modern heating and refrigeration came around, Read more

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5 Tips to Simplify Your Move
ROHNERT PARK — To minimize the stressfulness of your moving project, take proactive steps to simplify the process. Consider the following tips: Use an easy labeling system. For example, you can use colored tape to designate which boxes go into… Read more