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Why Choose a Diamond Certified Company?

Watch this video on the Diamond Certified Resource: the best way to find local companies rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise®. Companies must score 90+ on a 100 scale and pass all our credential-based ratings. By requiring such a high score to qualify, we cut out mediocre and poorly performing companies.

We’ve all felt the joy of choosing a good local company and, unfortunately, the pain when we mistakenly choose a bad one. The problem is, every company claims to be good, yet despite these glowing claims some provide inconsistent quality while others are downright unscrupulous.

The Diamond Certified Difference

We’ve solved this problem for you with the Diamond Certified Resource. Only local companies independently rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise® earn Diamond Certified. Our rigorous rating and certification process starts with the in-depth pass/fail rating of each company’s customer satisfaction, license and insurances. Most companies can’t pass our rating and earn Diamond Certified, and every Diamond Certified company must continue to deliver on its promises to you, the consumer. That’s why we conduct ongoing customer satisfaction research and credential-based ratings and monitor each company’s performance. Read More

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Most Bay Area residents enjoy the year-round temperate climate, but it’s gardening enthusiasts who reap some of the greatest benefits. In addition to having an exceptionally broad horticultural palette from which to draw, local gardeners have the advantage of an extended timeline in which to grow and harvest. Even when midwinter temperatures eventually put the freeze on the bulk of gardening activities, there are numerous ways for gardeners to stay productive.

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