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Greg Sutliff is home services division manager at Alcal Specialty Contracting, Inc., a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (877) 312-3532 or by email.

Greg Sutliff

diamond certified contributor profile and expert article

Greg Sutliff: A Light in the Attic

By James Florence, Diamond Certified Resource Reporter

SACRAMENTO — While he enjoys both the hands-on and operational aspects of the construction trade, Greg Sutliff says what he loves most about his job at Alcal Specialty Contracting, Inc. is his ability to make a positive impact on the environment. “I tell people I’m saving the world one attic at a time. A big part of what we do is helping people reduce their energy usage by implementing energy-efficient methods and products. I find satisfaction in simply knowing that a homeowner who previously used 20 kilowatts of energy will only use 15 after we’ve completed our work.”

Long before he was saving the world, Greg got started in the industry by sweeping up jobsites after class in middle school. “As a seventh grader making $3 an hour, I was pretty happy,” he laughs. “Over time, I worked my way up to cutting wood and hammering nails, and I eventually became a skilled laborer.” Following college, Greg went to work for a window company, where he gained a working knowledge of the administrative side of the business. Later, after earning his MBA in Finance and Marketing Communication, he sought employment that would incorporate his industry experience and formal education—an opportunity he eventually found with Alcal Specialty Contracting, where he currently serves as Home Services Division Manager.

Greg was born in San Francisco and raised in Corte Madera, but today, he lives in Sacramento with his wife, Liz, and their two children, Emerson and Ellie. As a lifelong Bay Area resident, he says he values the progressive mindset that characterizes the region. “There’s a great appreciation for quality of life and social equality here, and yet there’s also a strong work ethic that rewards those who are diligent and have good ideas. In terms of ideology, it’s the best of both worlds.”

Outside of work, Greg prefers to spend the bulk of his free time outdoors. “My family and I love going hiking and camping at places like Lake Tahoe,” he says. “I also go backpacking with friends a couple times a year through areas like Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. Almost all of California’s 14,000-foot mountains are located in that area, which makes for some pretty spectacular views.”

In his professional life, Greg says a crucial part of his success has been his ability to make things right after they’ve gone wrong. “Anyone who’s in construction understands that sometimes things don’t go as planned, but at the end of the day, those things need to be corrected. At Alcal, our motto is, ‘Good people making things right,’ which means we not only strive to do things correctly the first time, but if things don’t go as planned, we won’t leave until we’ve made it acceptable to the customer.”

When asked the first thing he’d do if he could retire tomorrow, Greg says he wouldn’t change a thing. “This is an exciting time in my career, and I really enjoy working for this company. If I had to retire tomorrow, I’d probably continue showing up at work and doing what I’m doing.”

Ask Me Anything!

Q: What’s your favorite sports team?
A: The San Francisco Giants.

Q: Have you ever read a book more than once?
A: The Harry Potter series. I read all the books when they first came out, and now I’m reading them to my kids.

Q: What’s your favorite local restaurant?
A: Mulvaney’s B&L in Sacramento.

Q: If you could be transported to any fictional world, where would you go?
A: Either the Star Trek or Star Wars galaxy—one of those complex, panoptical multiverses.

Q: Captain Kirk or Captain Picard?
A: Picard.

Q: What do you like on your pizza?
A: Olives, sausage, peppers, tomatoes, cheese and red sauce.

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Sean Koriat is owner of Attic Crew, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (650) 238-6897 or by email.

Sean Koriat

diamond certified contributor profile and expert article

Sean Koriat: An Energy-Saving Career

By James Florence, Diamond Certified Resource Reporter

PALO ALTO — Upon moving to California from his native country of Israel, Sean Koriat traded a career of saving lives for one of saving energy. “Before I came to the United States, I worked as a paramedic in Israel,” he remembers. “I met my wife on a vacation to California and ended up moving here permanently.” When it came time for him to establish a new professional livelihood, Sean decided to try his hand at a trade that had always interested him: HVAC. “The idea of making people’s homes more energy-efficient and comfortable really appealed to me. I started out working for a local HVAC company and eventually decided to start my own company that specialized in attic cleaning and renovations.”

Today, as owner of Attic Crew, Sean says his favorite part of his job is making customers happy. “Typically, when we show up at a customer’s house, they’re pretty miserable, but by the time we leave, they’re happy and comfortable. That’s a very rewarding transformation to help facilitate.”

A resident of San Jose (where he lives with his wife, Chemda, and their two children), Sean spends his time outside of work on a variety of pastimes. “Personally, I like sports activities like bowling and soccer. However, what I enjoy most is spending time with my family. We like going on walks at nature parks and vacationing at spots like the Monterey Bay.”

When asked what he would do if he were to retire tomorrow, Sean says he would spend more time with his family. “I love my job, but I certainly wouldn’t mind the opportunity to spend more time with my wife and kids. My career keeps me very busy, but it’s worthwhile to know I’m providing a good life for them.”

Ask Me Anything!

Q: What’s your favorite sports team?
A: The Golden State Warriors.

Q: What’s your favorite local restaurant?
A: Pars Kosher Market & Deli in San Jose.

Q: What’s your favorite snack?
A: Chips.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
A: Stay home and spend time with my family.

Q: Music or talk radio?
A: Talk radio.

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