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Diamond certified companies are top rated and guaranteed

Why Trust Diamond Certified House Cleaning Companies Rated Highest in Quality?

You are the customer. If your goal is to choose a house cleaning company that will deliver high customer satisfaction and quality, you’ll feel confident in choosing a Diamond Certified house cleaning service. Each has been rated Highest in Quality in the most accurate ratings process anywhere. And you’re always backed by the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee. Here’s why the Diamond Certified ratings and certification process will help you find a top-rated house cleaning service and is unparalleled in its accuracy, rigor and usefulness:

1) Accuracy: All research is performed by live telephone interviews that verify only real customers are surveyed, so you’ll never be fooled by fake reviews.

2) Statistical Reliability: A large random sample of past customers is surveyed on an ongoing basis so the research results you see truly reflect a Diamond Certified company’s top-rated status.

3) Full Disclosure: By clicking the name of a company above you’ll see the exact rating results in charts and read verbatim survey responses as well as researched articles on each qualified company.

4) Guaranteed: Your purchase is backed up with mediation and the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee, so you can choose with confidence.

Click on the name of a Diamond Certified company above to read ratings results, researched articles and verbatim customer survey responses to help you make an informed decision.

More than 200,000 customers of local companies have been interviewed in live telephone calls, and only companies that score Highest in Quality in customer satisfaction–a 90+ on a 100 scale–as well as pass all of the credential-based ratings earn Diamond Certified. By requiring such a high score to qualify, the Diamond Certified program eliminates mediocre and poorly performing companies. Read detailed information about the ratings and certification process.

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Liliana Reyes-Avalos is owner of The Magic Mop, Inc., a Diamond Certified company. She can be reached at (510) 992-4011 or by email.

Liliana Reyes-Avalos

diamond certified contributor profile and expert article

Liliana Reyes-Avalos: A Pathway to Opportunity

By James Florence, Diamond Certified Resource Reporter

CASTRO VALLEY — Upon moving to the United States from Mexico, Liliana Reyes-Avalos faced an unexpected career setback. However, while it required her to start over from scratch, she soon found herself on a pathway to opportunity. “I used to be a preschool teacher before I came to the U.S.,” she recounts. “When I came here in 1996, I had hoped to continue teaching, but there were complications. Not only did I have trouble with the language barrier, my teaching certification in Mexico wasn’t transferable. Also, I’d just had a baby, so I decided to find a different line of work. After working a couple of random jobs, I was hired by a construction company to do move-out and post-construction cleaning.”

After two years in the cleaning industry, Liliana was presented with an unexpected prospect. “I had a friend from church who owned a house cleaning business. She decided to move to Texas and asked if I would be interested in taking over her company. The thought of running my own business was a little scary, because my English still wasn’t great at the time, but I did have the experience, so I accepted.”

Over the next two decades, Liliana grew the company by leaps and bounds, expanding both its service area and its capabilities. “When I first took over, the company only did regular house cleaning,” she explains. “Since I had experience doing move-in and move-out cleaning, I was able to add those capabilities to our services. I also got into Green cleaning, which has since become a major area of focus for us.”

Today, as owner of The Magic Mop, Inc., Liliana says her favorite part of her job is the relationships she’s able to cultivate. “I have a lot of long-term clients, and with many of them, it’s like I’m part of the family. I enjoy the conversations we have and the good feeling I get from maintaining those relationships.”

A resident of Castro Valley, Liliana spends her free time on a variety of pastimes. “I actually spend a lot of time working on my business,” she admits. “I take classes on how to improve the way I run my company. Also, since we make our own cleaning solutions, I’m always tinkering with our recipes and creating new ones.” Beyond her work-related interests, Liliana enjoys doing art like charcoal drawing and watercolor painting, as well as spending time with her daughter, Brenda.

When asked how she accounts for The Magic Mop’s long-term success, Liliana says it’s all about consistency. “Many companies give excellent service at the beginning, but the quality starts to decrease over time. However, we’re committed to maintaining the same high level of service for as long as we serve the client. At first, the client keeps our service because they’re happy with the quality, but they continue to stay with us because we keep delivering.”

When asked about her long-term goals for the company, Liliana says she wants to keep growing and innovating. “I have a lot of ideas about where to take the business next, but I don’t want to reveal them all at the moment. One thing I’m looking at is creating custom cleaning kits that customers can purchase for home use. I would also like to get my cleaning products on the general market and incorporate more technology into our operations. I’m always working on new ideas—this is what I’m passionate about.”

Ask Me Anything!

Q: What’s your favorite local restaurant?

A: Espetus Churrascaria in San Mateo.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A: Egypt.

Q: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

A: Both. That’s one thing my clients have always appreciated about me—I’m comfortable working around their pets.

Q: What was your first pet?

A: A terrier mix named Kiki.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to eat for dessert?

A: Crème brûlée.

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CASTRO VALLEY — Countertops made of natural stone like granite or marble are certainly beautiful, but without proper care, they may not stay that way for long. One thing some homeowners overlook regarding stone countertops is the damage that acidic… Read more

Expert Video Tip

Video: Preventing Damage to Stone Countertops

Complete Video Transcription:

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Method Natural Cleaning Products
Comet Household Cleaning Products
Zep Cleaning Products
Softscrub House Cleaning Products
Seventh Generation Green Cleaning Products
Clorox Cleaning Products
Kaboom Cleaning Products
Lysol House Cleaning Products
Mr. Clean House Cleaning
Endust House Cleaner
Fantastik House Cleanser
Pledge House Cleaning Products
Windex House Cleaning Products
Simple Green Cleaning Products
Ecover Natural Cleaning Products
Pine-Sol House Cleaning Products
Dow Home Cleaning Products
EcoLab Cleaning Products
409 Cleanser
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residential cleaning services
domestic housekeeping services
move out cleaning
post-remodeling cleaning
weekly cleaning services
maid service
upholstery cleaning
grout cleaning
glass cleaning
kitchen cleaning
bathroom cleaning
apartment cleaning
green cleaning services
home sanitizing services
shower & bathtub cleaning
commercial cleaning services
carpet cleaning
window cleaning
floor cleaning
appliance leaning
microwave cleaning
oven cleaning
emptying trashcans
making beds
baseboard dusting
mirror cleaning
dishwasher loading

The following agencies and associations can provide additional information about local house cleaning services and international standards in housekeeping services.

Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) (www.arcsi.org/)

International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) (www.ieha.org/)
International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) (www.issa.com/)

Know What You Want
What to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a House Cleaning Company in Alameda County Including in the Larger Cities of Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Berkeley, San Leandro, Alameda, Union City, Pleasanton, Newark and Dublin or in Your Area

Once you are ready to hire a house cleaning service, it is important to know what you want. Unfortunately, many cleaning companies are less than professional and do not meet the standard of house cleaning required. Use the questions below to help you determine what you really want from a house cleaning service and you are almost guaranteed to find the most reliable and trustworthy house cleaning company. The benefits will be well-worth it!

  1. Do I want a Diamond Certified housekeeping company that is rated best in quality and backed by the Diamond Certified Guarantee?
  2. Do I want an Alameda County house cleaning service that provides its own cleaning supplies and equipment?
  3. Do I want a reputable housekeeper that is fully insured and bonded?
  4. Do I want a company that uses environmentally friendly cleaning supplies?
  5. Do I want a home cleaning company in Alameda County that provides cleaning services on a regular basis or on a one-time basis only?
  6. What areas of my house do I want cleaned?
  7. What is my budget?
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What To Ask In Person
Questions to Ask House Cleaning Companies in Alameda County in Person

Once you’ve narrowed down the field to a few of the best house cleaning companies, visit some in person to meet the representative. Questions you may want to consider asking at this point include:

  1. How long will it take to complete the house cleaning services that I am requesting?
  2. What contact information do you have on file for me? What do you need in order to reach me with updates about my house cleaning services?
  3. Do you charge a flat rate or by the hour for your house cleaning services?
  4. Do you use individuals or teams for the house cleaning service?
  5. Do you have any specials for new customers?
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  • What To Ask References
    Questions for References of an Alameda County House Cleaning Company

    It’s best to choose a Diamond Certified house cleaning company because all certified companies have passed an in-depth ratings process that most other companies can’t pass. If you want quality from a house cleaning company in Alameda County and the greater Bay Area, including the major cities of Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Berkeley, San Leandro, Alameda, Union City, Pleasanton, Newark, and Dublin, you can have confidence choosing a Diamond Certified company. Diamond Certified reports are available online for all certified companies. And you’ll never be fooled by fake reviews. That’s because all research is performed in live telephone interviews of actual customers.

    If you can’t find a Diamond Certified house cleaning company within reach, you’ll have to do some research on your own. If you do, it’s wise to call some references provided by your house cleaning service. Keep in mind, though, that references provided to you by the house cleaning company are not equal in value to the large random sample of customers surveyed during the Diamond Certified ratings process. That’s because the housekeeping company will likely give you a few customers to call that they know are satisfied.

    If you do call references on your own, specifically ask for a list of the Alameda County maid service’s 10 most recent customers. This will help avoid them giving you the names of only customers they know were satisfied. Ask general questions about their experience with the company’s personnel as well as specific questions about the house cleaning services provided. Questions you might want to ask include:

    1. What house cleaning services did _(house cleaning company name_) do for you?
    2. Were you satisfied with the house cleaning services from this Alameda County house cleaning company?
    3. Did the house cleaning company listen to and communicate with you?
    4. Do you feel the price was fair for the house cleaning services you had done?
    5. What did you like best about this particular Alameda County house cleaning company?
    6. Would you go back to this house cleaning company for future house cleaning services?
    7. Would you/have you recommend this house cleaning company?
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  • Review Your Options
    Find and Hire a Good House Cleaning Company in Alameda County Including the Cities of Ashland, Cherryland, Emeryville, Mount Eden, Piedmont and San Lorenzo

    The Diamond Certified symbol has been awarded to companies that scored Highest in Quality in an accurate ratings process.

    Your choice of house cleaning company is an important concern. More expensive companies do not necessarily offer better value. On the same token, cheaper companies may not provide the service that you want. It’s important to understand that every cleaning service will perform the house cleaning a little differently. Some will be able to customize their approach to your needs a little better. Ask for a specific cleaning checklist of exactly what your house cleaning will include. Also, be sure to ask whether all of the tasks will be performed with each cleaning service, or is certain tasks will be rotated.

    Before making a final decision on the best house cleaning company in Alameda County for you, it’s important to consider the following questions.

    1. What does this Alameda County house cleaning company offer that is specific to my needs?
    2. Is the house cleaning company bonded and insured?
    3. What are the billing practices of the house cleaning company?
    4. When was the last time rates were raised by this local maid service? It is important to understand how often the costs of the company are raised so that you are not surprised in the future by unexpected increases.
    5. Can a house cleaning company in Alameda County provide your requirements for scheduling, house cleaning and customer service?
    6. Is the house cleaning company devoted to your satisfaction?
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  • How To Work With
    Before You Hire a House Cleaning Company in Alameda County

    Alameda County house cleaning companies you trust for regular or one-time only house cleaning services should give you peace of mind and the freedom to spend your time with family, career or simply doing things you enjoy rather than household chores. First, you will want to meet with the house cleaning company representative and explain the services you are wanting.

    Be as detailed as possible in your interactions with the local maid services in Alameda County, and remember: the housekeeping company representative should never rush you. It’s important to answer their questions and listen to their suggestions and observations, just as it’s important for them to listen to you and answer your questions. Ask for an explanation if you don’t understand what the house cleaning representative is telling you or if they are using language and terms you can’t understand. You should completely comprehend the services offered, policies, fees and guarantees before you sign an agreement or leave the shop.

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  • Be a Good Customer
    How Can You Be a Good House Cleaning Company’s Customer?

    It’s the house cleaning company’s responsibility to provide quality house cleaning services using the best cleaning products and supplies. But you play a big part in the success of your house cleaning company, too. Here are a few simple steps you can take to be a good customer when hiring an house cleaning company in Alameda County, including the major cities of Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Berkeley, San Leandro, Alameda, Union City, Pleasanton, Newark, and Dublin:

    • Be clear and upfront with the house cleaning company. Let them know what you want from the maids that will clean your home, the long-term outcome you’re expecting and specific ways your expectations can be satisfied.
    • Remember, a friendly smile goes a long way!
    • Before you hire a house cleaning company in Alameda County, restate your expectations and goals, and reiterate to the house cleaning company’s representative your understanding of the agreement. Most problems with local house cleaning companies occur because of a breakdown in communication. By being clear about your expectations and theirs, you can avoid most conflicts.
    • Be sure your service representative has a phone number where they can reach you at all times. The work will move along more smoothly if your house cleaning company can reach you for any necessary updates, questions or changes in scheduling.
    • When your house cleaning service representative contacts you, return calls promptly to keep the house cleaning service on schedule.
    • Pay for the house cleaning service promptly.
    • When a job is well-done, don’t be afraid to offer praise.
    • When the house cleaning company is cleaning your home, stay out of their way and let them get the job done.

    Why would you want to be a good customer? House cleaning companies in Alameda County appreciate customers who are straightforward, honest and easy to work with. Your good customer behavior sets the tone from your end and creates an environment conducive to a good relationship. Things may very well go smoother and any problems may be more easily resolved.

    Sign a Contract with the Alameda County House Cleaning Company for House Cleaning Services
    When you are satisfied with the information your Alameda County house cleaning company has given you and all of your questions are answered, sign the service agreement. The house cleaning company must get your approval for any additional house cleaning services or costs, so verify that the cleaning company has a working phone number where they can reach you at all times.

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Check The Work
Verify the Alameda Housekeeping Services are Done Right

Having your home cleaned by a house cleaning service is very personal. An important part of your satisfaction will be building a relationship with the house cleaning service. Communicate with them openly and honestly about your expectations from their home cleaning services. Call them with feedback on your level of satisfaction with the service provided. Listen to the advice that your maid service gives you on how to maintain your home.

It’s also a nice idea to show your appreciation to your house cleaning service provider by leaving a nice note or even a gratuity. Your thanks will encourage their good performance during future housecleaning visits.

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Top 10 Requests
Top House Cleaning Service Requests in Alameda County

House cleaning companies in Alameda County, including the major cities of Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Berkeley, San Leandro, Alameda, Union City, Pleasanton, Newark, and Dublin, provide all types of house cleaning services. However, some services are more common than others. The following are the most familiar requests for local house cleaning companies.

Breakfast Area and Kitchen Cleaning Services in Alameda County
Typically, Alameda house cleaning companies provide a variety of cleaning services in the kitchen and breakfast area. These services usually include checking for cobwebs, disinfecting table and dust chairs, dusting light fixtures and baseboards, cleaning/disinfecting counters, cleaning canisters and small appliances, scouring the sing and polishing chrome, cleaning the face of the refrigerator and dusting the top, cleaning and polishing the stove top and oven, cleaning the inside and outside of the microwave, spot cleaning cabinet fronts, removing trash, and dust mopping/vacuuming/wet mopping floors.

Bathroom Cleaning Services in Alameda County
The cleaning services provided for the bathrooms include dusting baseboards and light fixtures, cleaning/disinfecting the sink, tub and shower, cleaning/disinfecting the toilet inside and out, cleaning mirrors, wiping the face of cabinets, shaking out throw rugs, removing trash and dust mopping/wet mopping floors.

General Area Cleaning
Cleaning services are provided for general areas in the home. These services include dusting everything by lifting items rather than sliding them, dusting woodwork (baseboard and window sills included), vacuuming all carpeted areas, removing trash and dusting/polishing furniture. For an additional charge, the linens on the beds may be changed.

Laundry Rooms
Laundry rooms are cleaned by Alameda County house cleaning teams. These services include cleaning and wiping the tops of the washer and dryer (if accessible), removing trash, and dust mopping/wet mopping floors.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet cleaning is an additional service often offered by house cleaning companies. Typically this serviced is priced on a per room basis.

One Time Cleaning
One time cleaning is a service provided by most house cleaning companies. This service refers to a home being cleaned a single time rather than on a routine basis.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning
Most house cleaning companies can be hired to clean a house once you have moved out of it. They may also be hired to clean a home before you move into it. These services are typically one-time only services.

Spring Cleaning and Fall Cleaning Services
Spring Cleaning/Fall Cleaning services are additional services provided by most house cleaning companies that are priced individually or by the hour. These house cleaning services include washing the woodwork (baseboards, trim and doors), cleaning chandeliers, moving and vacuuming under light furniture, vacuuming the edges of walls/corners, cleaning the oven, cleaning the refrigerator, vacuuming drapes, vacuuming lampshades, cleaning light fixtures, cleaning and conditioning leather furniture, polishing showroom furniture, cleaning and polishing the face of kitchen cabinets and cleaning windows.

Window Cleaning
Most house cleaning companies will clean windows inside and outside for an additional charge.

Special Occasion Cleaning Services in Alameda County
The service of cleaning a house in preparation for a special occasion is a service provided by most house cleaning companies. These services are usually priced per individual job or by the hour.

Consider the Cleaning Products Used by Alameda County House Cleaning Companies
Many good green cleaning products are on the market for house cleaning. Following is a list of popular house cleaning products that are safe for cleaning your home.

  • Windex House Cleaning Products
  • Simple Green Cleaning Products
  • Ecover Natural Cleaning Products
  • Pine-Sol House Cleaning Products
  • Endust House Cleaner
  • Zep Cleaning Prducts
  • Softscrub House Cleaning Products
  • Dow Home Cleaning Products
  • EcoLab Cleaning Products
  • 409 Cleanser
  • Lestoil Cleaner
  • Fantastik House Cleanser
  • Clorox Cleaning Products
  • Kaboom Cleaning Products
  • Lysol House Cleaning Products
  • Clean House Cleaning
  • Seventh Generation Green Cleaning Products
  • Pledge House Cleaning Products
  • Method Natural Cleaning Products
  • Comet Household Cleaning Products
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Glossary Of Terms
Glossary of Housekeeping Terms

Below are key house cleaning terms and descriptions used by many residential cleaning services.

residential cleaning services
Residential cleaning services are services provided for individual homes or residences.

Also known as house cleaning services, residential cleaning, maid cleaning services, professional cleaning services, cleaning service residential, home cleaning services, house cleaning maid services, residential cleaning companies, house cleaning, maid service, cleaning maid services

commercial cleaning services
Commercial cleaning services refer to cleaning or janitorial services provided for commercial companies or businesses.

Also known as house cleaning companies, house cleaning services, commercial cleaning supplies, office cleaning service, residential cleaning services, janitorial cleaning services, commercial office cleaning, janitorial cleaning service, corporate cleaning services, professional cleaning services, house cleaning, maid service, elite cleaning services, janitorial service, home cleaning, cleaning company, commercial office

carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is for the purpose of removing stains, dirt, grit, sand and allergens. This can be achieved by either hot water extraction (often known as steam cleaning). Hot water extraction involves using equipment that sprays heated water, sometimes with added cleaning chemicals, on the carpet while simultaneously vacuuming the sprayed water along with any dirt. This is recognized as the most effective carpet cleaning method.

window cleaning
Window cleaning services include commercial window cleaning, residential window cleaning, and pressure washing.

Also known as high rise window cleaning, professional window cleaning, window cleaning services, window cleaning business, window cleaning prices, streak free window cleaning, window cleaning equipment, window cleaning tools, window cleaning products, window cleaning company, residential window cleaning,

floor cleaning
Floor cleaning services include both carpet cleaning and hard surface floor cleaning. For carpets, most service providers will inspect the carpet to determine the best cleaning method. Spots and stains will be pre-treated; residual stains will be post-treated. Hard surface floor cleaning removes minor scratches and offers processes for sanitation needs. Hard surface floor cleaning often offers dust-free burnishing and enhanced slip resistance care.

Also known as hardwood floor cleaning, wood floor cleaning, floor cleaning companies, wooden floor cleaning, vinyl floor cleaning, wood floor cleaning, laminate floor cleaning, professional floor cleaning, tile floor cleaning, industrial floor cleaning, garage floor cleaning, bona floor cleaning, floor cleaning services, floor cleaning tools, slate floor cleaning, marble floor cleaning

maid service
Maid service is a term that describes a specialized outside service that provides a a specific service to individuals, businesses, clubs, associations and homes.

upholstery cleaning
Upholstery cleaning refers to a cleaning system for furniture. Its purpose is to remove cleaning solution residue along with deep-down dirt, leaving nothing behind but fresh-smelling fabric and furniture.

Also known as carpet and upholstery cleaning, professional upholstery cleaning

grout cleaning
Grout cleaning refers to removing the dirty, dingy or stained lines between the tile in the area known as the grout. Grout is porous and, since it’s not common for a grout sealer to be applied, can often become embedded with dirt, cooking oil, grease or detergent residue. Once embedded, it requires professional cleaning to remove.

Also known as professional grout cleaning, floor grout cleaning, grout and tile cleaning, grout cleaner, tile grout cleaning, grout sealer, grout cleaning services, wall grout cleaning

glass cleaning
Glass cleaning refers to cleaning any glass surface. This most often includes windows, window sills, mirrors or decorative glass.

kitchen cleaning
Kitchen cleaning is part of cooking. Clean surfaces will keep your family healthier and safer. Easy tips and preventative measures can be learned to keep your kitchen clean and free from clutter. Have a place for everything. Don’t mix ammonia and bleach in order to prevent toxic fumes. Identify places in your kitchen that accumulate clutter and take a few minutes daily to clear these places. A sponge is a great way to spread germs. Try to use paper towels, discarding them after each use.

Also known as kitchen cabinet cleaning, deep kitchen cleaning, kitchen cleaning tips, how to clean kitchen cabinets, kitchen cleaning services, commercial kitchen cleaning, kitchen hood cleaning

bathroom cleaning
Bathroom cleaning is an important step to a healthy environment. The bathroom should be cleaned weekly, and even more if it gets heavy use.  Because porcelain surfaces are stain-resistant, dirt and scum aren’t allowed to build up. The tub or shower should be rinsed immediately after each use, using a damp sponge to lather soap around the surface area and then rinse.

Also known as how to clean the bathroom, bathroom cleaning tips, clean bathroom

domestic housekeeping services
Domestic housekeeping services are cleaning services performed within an employer’s or client’s household. It refers to a variety of cleaning services that may include vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, mopping, etc.

Also known as housekeeper services, domestic housekeeper, housekeeping services, domestic staffing agencies, residential cleaning companies

move out cleaning
Move-out cleaning refers to a cleaning service that is provided after an individual or group of individuals has moved out of a residence or building. This service often includes walls being washed and marks removed; holes in walls filled with spackle; cobwebs removed; wall and ceiling vents vacuumed or washed; switch plates cleaned; floors in the kitchen and bath areas or any linoleum cleaned; fireplaces cleaned of all debris; drapes vacuumed; blinds cleaned; lightbulbs replaced where needed; light covers removed and cleaned; shelves cleaned.

Also known as move out cleaning services, home cleaning service, cleaning move out, professional cleaning service, moving out, move in move out cleaning

post-remodeling cleaning
Post-remodeling cleaning refers to the cleaning service provided after a remodeling job is completed. Because remodeling is a messy job, dust will be everywhere and carpets will be dirty. Often walls have smudgy handprints. Post-remodeling cleaning provides the major cleaning your house needs to bring it back to its original shine.

Also known as post construction cleaning, home cleaning services, construction cleaning, post construction cleaning services, post construction clean up

weekly cleaning services
Weekly cleaning services are regular services provided by a house cleaning company. These regular services often include wiping down countertops, scrubbing bathroom surface areas, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, etc.

Also known as house cleaning service, home cleaning service, residential cleaning service, apartment cleaning service, green cleaning

apartment cleaning
House cleaning companies provide cleaning services for apartments. These services are the same services that are provided for a house: wiping down countertops, scrubbing bathroom surface areas, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, etc.

Also known as apartment cleaning service, housecleaning

green cleaning services
Green cleaning services evaluate solutions and equipment to ensure they meet certain standards for safety and effectiveness. Green cleaning services use solutions that are certified by Green Seal or another recognized organization to be free from harmful additives that can cause health problems. They use “greener” equipment such as vacuums that are recognized for improving indoor air quality.  Also, green cleaning services use color-coded microfiber cloths to reduce the need for cleaning solutions, thus minimizing landfill waste and preventing cross contamination from room to room within the house.

home sanitizing services
Home sanitizing services are sanitizing services provided by a house cleaning company. It often includes disinfecting specific areas such as the front door handle, chairs, microwave buttons or toilet handles.

Also known as carpet cleaning companies, upholstery cleaning, upholstery cleaner, furniture cleaning service, mattress cleaning, mattress sanitizing service, furniture cleaning services, sofa cleaning, upholstery cleaning business

shower and bathtub cleaning
Most house cleaning companies clean and disinfect the shower and bathtub during routine cleaning checks.

Also known as cleaning shower, shower cleaning, shower tile, shower stall, shower tile cleaning, bathroom grout cleaner, clean shower tile, tub and shower doors, bathroom grout cleaner, cleaning bathroom

appliance cleaning
Appliance cleaning refers to cleaning and disinfecting all appliances within the home. This includes any appliances that may be sitting on the kitchen countertops as well as larger appliances such as microwaves and washers and dryers.

Also known as how to clean stainless steel appliances, appliance cleaning service, clean stainless appliances, house cleaning services

microwave  cleaning
Microwave cleaning refers to cleaning and disinfecting both the inside and outside of a microwave oven.

Also known as how to clean a microwave, clean microwave, clean a microwave, cleaning microwave oven, easy microwave cleaning

Dusting is a service provided by most house cleaning companies. It refers to dusting everything such as woodwork, light fixtures, baseboards, and knick knacks.

Also known as dust remover, dust cleaner, dust cloths

oven cleaning
Oven cleaning is a service provided by most house cleaning companies. This is typically a special service that is either priced individually or by the hour.

Also known as oven cleaning services, professional oven cleaning, cleaning oven racks, commercial oven cleaning

Vacuuming is a cleaning service provided by house cleaning companies that refers to vacuuming all carpeted areas.

emptying trashcans
Emptying trashcans is a cleaning service provided by house cleaning companies that refers to emptying the trashcans throughout the house and placing the trash in an outside trash dispenser.

making beds
Making beds is a cleaning service provided by house cleaning companies. Usually this service is done at an additional charge.

baseboard dusting
Baseboard dusting is a cleaning service provided by house cleaning companies. It refers to dusting the baseboards, or skirting, floor molding, or mopboard, that covers the lowest part of an interior wall.

mirror cleaning
Mirror cleaning is a regular cleaning service provided by house cleaning companies.

Also known as cleaning mirror, clean mirrors, cleaning old mirrors, window cleaning services

dishwasher loading
Dishwasher loading refers to loading a dishwasher with dirty dishes on the counter or in the kitchen sink.

Also known as loading dishwasher, loading a dishwasher

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Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ For Local House Cleaning Services

Q: Why choose a Diamond Certified house cleaning company?
A: Diamond Certified helps you choose a house cleaning company with confidence by offering a list of top-rated local companies who have passed the country’s most in-depth rating process. Only house cleaning company rated Highest in Quality earn the prestigious Diamond Certified award. Most companies can’t pass the ratings. American Ratings Corporation also monitors every Diamond Certified company with ongoing research and ratings. And your service is backed by the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee. So you’ll feel confident choosing a Diamond Certified house cleaning company.

Q: How much does a house cleaning service cost?
A: Every house is unique and most house cleaning companies’ fees are individually based. Things that will affect your house cleaning estimate include the size of your home, number of bathrooms, number of residents, number of pets, how you want the maids to clean, etc. Most house cleaning companies have a standardized formula for calculating each individual cleaning estimate in a uniform way.

Q: Will all house cleaning visits cost the same amount?
A: The first house cleaning visit usually costs more than subsequent visits. Generally, it takes additional cleaning tasks for the maids to get the home up to company standards. The first house cleaning visit is often performed on an hourly basis. An estimate for this house cleaning service visit may be expressed as a cost range. If more time is needed in the event your maid services team considers it necessary, the company should contact you for authorization.

Once the initial visit has occurred, your home’s cleanliness can be easily maintained with regular visit cleaning tasks. Regular house cleaning visits are often charged as a flat fee. You should receive an estimate for both the initial cleaning and the regular house cleaning visits up front. Once the initial house cleaning has been completed, your regular house cleaning price should be confirmed.

Q: Do I have to be home when the cleaning service comes?
A: Most house cleaning service companies let this be your option. You may give them a key that will be safely stored, often in a client key safe. Maids are often given the keys for each house cleaning appointment before they leave each day and must return them back to management before they leave the office each evening. The key remains in the key safe until your next house cleaning appointment.

Q: Do you guarantee a day and time for a house cleaning appointment?
A: Most house cleaning service companies guarantee a specific day for your house cleaning but not a specific time. The schedule is often flexible and ever-changeable which makes it difficult to commit to a specific time for the maids to arrive. However, an estimate can usually be given on the day of service. If you need a specific time guarantee, discuss this with your house cleaning company and so that you are able to reach a mutually agreeable solution.

Q: What if I need to reschedule a house cleaning?
A: Check with your house cleaning company to see what their policy is for rescheduling an appointment. Most service offices require a minimum 48 hours notice to reschedule a cleaning appointment; however, this varies from company to company. Oftentimes, if a house cleaning needs to rescheduled without proper notice, there is not enough opportunity to fill the schedule with another client. This decreases the maids’ pay. Without consistent wages, the best maids cannot be retained; thus, respecting the house cleaning company’s procedure for reschedules helps ensure you will get the best house cleaning service possible.

All house cleaning companies have a cancellation policy. Be sure you understand your local company’s procedures as some will charge a cancellation fee. Understanding the policy will help you avoid incurring these fees.

Q: What if I accidentally lock the maids out on my cleaning day?
A: Most clients provide a key or hide one on the premises on house cleaning day. However, if you forget to leave a key on the day you are scheduled to have your house cleaned, many house cleaning companies will charge a lock-out fee. Please be sure you understand your local company’s lock-out policies in order to avoid incurring these additional fees.

Q: What should I do about my security/alarm system on house cleaning day?
A: If you have a security system, please make necessary arrangements to give your maid access to your home on your scheduled day. Some clients establish a guest or temporary code for the house cleaning service or maids.

Q: What should I do with my pets during the house cleaning?
A: Please advise the house cleaning company if you have pets and provide any information regarding your pets that would be helpful for them to know. Though different house cleaning companies have different requirements, many prefer pets to be restricted from the areas that are cleaned so that the maids can clean your home better and more efficiently.

Q: Are my valuables safe?
A: If you have any special valuables, heirlooms or irreplaceable items, please put them away or instruct the house cleaning company that you do not want these items touched. A closed door or drawer is often a signal to the maids that you do not want them to clean that area. Check with your house cleaning company to make sure that the maids are covered by all necessary insurances in the event that any damage occurs.

Q: How should I pay for my house cleaning?
A: Most house cleaning companies accept payment by cash, check or credit card. Payment is usually due at the time of service. Most house cleaning service companies prefer that you either leave cash or a check on the kitchen counter the morning of your house cleaning. Most companies will keep your credit card information on file in the local office and charge your card once each house cleaning is completed. Also, most companies will charge a fee for all returned checks.

Q: How do I know I can trust the maids?
A: Check with the house cleaning company you have selected to make sure that they screen their maids carefully, train meticulously, inspect relentlessly and insure adequately in order to have the highest confidence that their maids can be entrusted with the care of your home.

Q: Do I need to provide house cleaning products or equipment?
A: Most house cleaning companies provide all house cleaning products so you never need to worry about replenishing your supply for the maids. If you have special house cleaning products you want the maids to use, be sure to discuss this with your local office owner or manager in advance so that the maids can be properly instructed.

Q: What is mildew and how can I get rid of it?
A: A parasitic fungus, mildew requires moisture, warmth and a food source to exist. It reproduces itself by growing microscopic spores in huge quantities. These spores are always present in the air and spread by normal air currents. A spore lies dormant until favorable moisture and temperature conditions occur for it to germinate. Mildew thrives in warm, moist areas that have weak air circulation. In the average household, mildew is often found in the bathrooms. The corners, cracks and crevices of the tub, shower, sink and toilet are the most common areas affected. It ranges in color from a pinkish-orange to black.

Q: Will my house cleaning company be able to impede the growth of mildew?
A: Most house cleaning service companies will be able to impede the growth of mildew by removing the built up food sources that it lives on such as soap, skin, hair, etc. However, as long as moisture and warmth are present, the spores will germinate immediately and mildew will again be growing on the host area.

In order to stop the growth of mildew, the area must be kept dry or it must be chemically treated to make it a less than desirable environment for the spore to germinate. Chlorine bleach is a good sanitizer to use on an infected area.

It is recommended that chlorine bleach be diluted up to 50% with water to reduce the pungent odor. Apply the solution by lightly spraying, wiping or sponging on. It is not necessary to saturate the area or to treat uninfected areas. Leave the bleach in contact with the surface area for at least an hour. Rinse any area that you will touch in later use. Repeat this application bi-weekly or when mildew reappears.

Due to insurance restrictions, most house cleaning companies are not permitted to use chlorine bleach. Furthermore, chlorine bleach is not a part of a Green Clean Certified program because of its toxic nature. However, you may choose to use bleach independently to help control mildew growth between cleaning service visits. Please do not use bleach for two days preceding a scheduled house cleaning because a chlorine reside could combine with the other cleaning solutions used and cause the formation of a toxic gas. Also, you will want to ventilate the treated area well to clear away harmful vapors quickly.

Mildew is an on-going maintenance challenge. However, by working together with your house cleaning company, it can be controlled.

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