The Keys to a Successful Move

by Matt Solis


Moving can be a stressful experience, but if you’re well organized and prepared to deal with small problems that may arise, you can often expedite the process and even lower your moving costs. To take control of your next move, consider the following tips:


  • Pack a suitcase as if you’re going on a short vacation. Include a few changes of cloths, medications, toiletries, eyeglasses and other necessities. Keep the suitcase separate from the items to be moved so you’re prepared for the first days in your new home without having to search through boxes.
  • When disassembling large items like tables and entertainment centers, tape screws and other small parts to the undersides. That way, you’ll know exactly where to look when you put the items back together.
  • Wrap fragile glasses in newspaper and pack them standing upright, not on their sides. Glasses are much stronger when they’re standing up.
  • Don’t be hesitant to pack oversized mirrors and pictures—it can be a great time saver. Wrap each item in bubble wrap, lay it on top of an open box and fold the ends around it.
  • Keep each moving box below 30 pounds whenever possible (50 pounds should be the absolute maximum). Heavy boxes are more likely to burst their tape or seams, and they’re much more difficult to carry.

Box inventory and labeling

  • Label your boxes with a thick, dark marker. Marks made by pencils, pens and light markers are very difficult to see from even just a few feet away.
  • Label each box on its two broadest sides, opposite one another. That way, if a box gets turned around during the move, you can still easily identify its contents.
  • Instead of writing a lot of information on each box, use the abbreviated name of the room it belongs in followed by a specific number. For example, the sixth box for the second bathroom would be coded as “BTH2-6.” This will make it much easier to track each box and ensure it arrived safely.

Packing electronics

  • If you have an electronic system that has complicated wiring (computers, speakers), take a digital picture of the configuration, print it and attach it to the box that holds the item. This will greatly reduce the time it takes to hook up the items in your new place.
  • Pack especially fragile electronics in a box with an excessive amount of biodegradable packing peanuts, then pack that box in a larger box filled with the same material. This two-box system will help protect the items from jarring impacts.
  • Carefully wrap each cord with cable organizers, twist ties or heavy rubber bands. Never pack unwrapped cords—they’ll get tangled and caught on other items.

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