Windows make in the comfort and appearance of your home, and window accessories and additions such as screens and shades can make a huge difference in how your windows look and function.

San Francisco screens and shades stores in the Tenderloin, the Excelsior District, and Bernal Heights and beyond can help you with a number of services related to screens and shades for windows, glass doors and more. This includes new window screens, rescreening services, various types of window screens to match your needs and home’s appearance, window shades to block sun and provide energy savings, and various shades that provide style and substance for your home.

Read on to learn more about your options when it comes to new window shades and screens. Then, find out about hiring a local San Francisco screens and shades provider that can sell and install the new shades and screens you need.

You Have Many Options for Window Screens in San Francisco
Types of window screens available in Pacific Heights, North Beach, Excelsior District and the Sunset District and the rest of San Francisco include vinyl coated fiberglass, aluminum screening, solar screens, bronze screens and copper screening, pet-resistant or pet screens, small insect or no-see-em screens and privacy screening. Each has a different application and a different look.

Below you’ll find a description of common types of screens.

  • Fiberglass screen is the standard window screen available. It is flexible, cheap and easy to find. It doesn’t unravel, dent, wrinkle or crease, so it makes sense that it’s the most popular type of window and sliding door screening. However, it may sag or stretch out if pushed or if an object is leaned up against it.
  • Aluminum screens (also known as wire screening) is very strong and durable. It is rust-resistant and doesn’t sag with age. However, aluminum screening can dent or crease if it is hit, pushed or is on contact for a long time with a heavy object.
  • No-see-em screens (also known as no-see-um screen) is a screen that is made of fiberglass mesh. The mesh weave is very fine to keep out small insects and no-see-ems such as gnats, small flies, sand flies, fleas and other tiny insects. This is a popular choice for porches and beach homes where tiny insects thrive.
  • Heavy-duty screens are usually made of fiberglass and are commonly used in sun rooms, screened-in porches, patios and pool enclosures. This type of window screen has larger openings and is stronger. This allows it to be used in large windows, doors, and screened panels.
  • Privacy screens are made of heavy mesh screen (usually fiberglass) that includes a plastic or laminate layer surrounding the screen threads. This type of screen is harder to see through, but still allows light to pass through. It is popular in pool enclosures and patio screens where privacy is wanted.
  • Copper screen and bronze screening is made of an amalgamation of copper and zinc. This type of window and screened door screen is more expensive than fiberglass sc