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If you really care about choosing a quality house cleaner, we’re here for you. Here’s your access to the best house cleaners serving Bodega Bay including 94923. These cleaning experts provide upholstery cleaning and house cleaning services, and they also work on move in cleaning, pet hair removal and bedroom cleaning. For 22 years we’ve conducted the most accurate ratings and deepest research of local companies, so you’ll be confident in choosing.

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SonoMarin Cleaning Services, Inc. provides a wide range of cleaning services for residential and commercial clients in Sonoma, Marin, and San Francisc...
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Diamond Certified House Cleaners Serve These Bodega Bay ZIP Codes


Diamond Certified House Cleaners In Bodega Bay

Diamond Certified house cleaners serving Bodega Bay are rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 779 reviews of 46 rated house cleaners.
Diamond Certified house cleaners in Bodega Bay Avg. Star Rating.

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Bodega Bay was founded in 1857, and today, your 2,264 neighbors enjoy ghost tours, four-wheeling, driving, board games and flower arranging. Bodegans use Diamond Certified house cleaners for floor cleaning, living room cleaning, post-construction cleaning, same-day cleaning services, housekeeping services, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions for House Cleaning in Bodega Bay, CA
Q: What are customers of Diamond Certified house cleaners saying about companies in Bodega Bay, CA?
A: Verified SonoMarin Cleaning Services, Inc. Customer, one of 436
"They do a good job. They are dependable, finish in the time allotted. We have hardwood floors everywhere and they are pristine." -Heather O.
All Survey Responses for SonoMarin Cleaning Services, Inc.
Verified Molly Maid of Sonoma and Napa Counties Customer, one of 215
"They are reliable. They do what they are supposed to do." -Lynn T.
All Survey Responses for Molly Maid of Sonoma and Napa Counties
Q: What are some of the most popular brands that Diamond Certified house cleaners use when working with Bodega Bay residents?
A: Diamond Certified house cleaners use top-quality brands like Ecover, Clorox, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Soft Scrub and Bon Ami.
Q: What types of post-construction cleaning do house cleaners offer?
A: House cleaners offer a variety of apartment cleaning services, such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, and window washing. They may also provide additional services such as organizing closets, cleaning appliances, and polishing furniture. Some house cleaners may also offer deep-cleaning services, such as steam-cleaning carpets and upholstery.
Q: Can Diamond Certified house cleaners work with Clorox products and similar items so I can get upholstery cleaning in Bodega Bay?
A: Yes, Diamond Certified house cleaners are experienced in working with Clorox products and other similar items for upholstery cleaning in Bodega Bay.
Q: What did people search for when they wanted to find the best quality house cleaners in Bodega Bay?
A: Maid Services
Apartment Cleaning
Green Cleaning
Pet Hair Removal
Bedroom Cleaning