Why Isn’t My Shower Draining?

by Chris Bjorklund


A few weeks ago, I noticed a couple of inches of water sitting in the shower pan long after I dried off. I did what many people would do: I tried a nontoxic combination of baking soda, vinegar and hot water to see if I could unclog the drain. That didn’t work, and neither did the plunger or the snake. I realized it was time to call a professional plumber.

Tammy Cortez, president of Savior Plumbing, Inc., a Diamond Certified company, says that in cases like this, you probably need a video survey of your sewer line. “Some of the things the video survey will look for are flat spots or bellies in the line where materials tend to pile up, separations between pipes where time has worn away connections or where movement of the earth has shifted the piping and it no longer aligns properly, and breaks in the pipes caused by roots that create a tangled web that material can’t pass through.” Sometimes it’s an easy fix that can be handled in a few hours, but other times, the most cost-effective solution for the long term is to replace the main line from your home to the city’s sewer line. Ms. Cortez notes that new trenchless technology allows many repairs to be completed in just one day. 

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