Why Choose a Diamond Certified Company?

Dear Savvy Consumer,

We’ve all felt the joy of choosing a good local company and, unfortunately, the pain when we mistakenly choose a bad one. The problem is, every company claims to be good, yet despite these glowing claims some provide inconsistent quality while others are downright unscrupulous.

That’s why we’re proud to present you with the Diamond Certified solution: a website of only top-rated local companies, each guaranteed. Every profiled company has earned the prestigious Diamond Certified and been rated Highest in Quality in the country’s most accurate rating process of local companies.

You won’t be fooled by fake reviews and cherry-picked reviews. By their own admission, roughly 30% of reviews posted to high-volume review sites are fake. Anyone can game the system by creating multiple identities and posting fake reviews to bolster bad companies. Equally as devastating is the fact that review sites encourage company owners to tell family, friends and selected customers to give them 5 stars. This cherry-picking produces misleading and biased results.

We verify by phone that each surveyed customer is real, not cherry-picked. When you choose a Diamond Certified company, you’ll never be fooled by fake or cherry-picked reviews because we verify only real customers are surveyed from a large, random sample of each company’s actual customer base. Company owners can’t cherry-pick by telling cohorts to post reviews on our site—we don’t allow it. That’s why all of the 320,000+ surveys we’ve conducted are by telephone.

Diamond Certified companies are top-rated for quality and helpful expertise (and guaranteed). Our rigorous rating and certification process starts with the in-depth pass/fail rating of each company’s customer satisfaction, license and insurances. Then we continue to monitor each company and complete ongoing customer satisfaction studies. Finally, we stand behind our work by backing your purchase with the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee.

Ratings are updated daily online. Expert advice is there to help you. We encourage you to visit this website on a regular basis to find updated ratings on top-rated companies in your area, see verbatim survey responses on each Diamond Certified company, and read thousands of industry-specific expert articles and tips.

We care about customer satisfaction, and we care about you. We’re proud to give you all the information you need to choose with confidence.

Greg Louie
Founder and CEO

Chris Bjorklund
Consumer Advocate