What We Do with Voluntary Feedback About Diamond Certified Companies

To remain Diamond Certified, a company must provide proof of required license and insurance plus maintain high ratings in customer satisfaction and helpful expertise. This data is collected in two ways: the ongoing surveys of the company’s recent customers and voluntary feedback from consumers who may or may not have had a marketplace transaction with the company.

Ongoing surveys are conducted by Research Call Center agents who survey randomly selected recent customers. This method of proactive collection of customer input ensures the company’s rating is based on feedback from a large, diverse sample group of actual customers. All verbatim and numeric survey responses are posted online in the company’s profile. Also posted is the total number of surveys completed about that company over time. The company must first qualify and then maintain high ratings in order to earn Diamond Certified.

Voluntary feedback or reviews include any and all consumer-originated feedback that comes to us via email, telephone, and mail. It includes input from individuals who may or may not have used the company’s services. All voluntary feedback is forwarded to the company and tracked offline for trends. If a negative trend is observed, we will notify the company and they will be afforded an opportunity to correct it. If a negative trend continues, the company may be suspended or terminated from the Diamond Certified Resource, regardless of their high rating from ongoing surveys. Because a company may be terminated for a trend in negative voluntary input, all voluntary feedback is tracked offline. This enables us to have a high degree of confidence in the authenticity of the feedback and prevents fake reviews and gaming of the system.

Termination from the Diamond Certified Resource may occur for a company’s failure to meet performance standards. Those performance standards include maintaining necessary credentials and high ratings, providing constructive responses to customer concerns, and implementing business practices that consistently meet the needs of their customers.

No company has satisfied every customer. Even Diamond Certified companies have a percentage of customers who would not use their services again. Those percentages are posted online. We expect each company to endeavor to resolve a customer’s concern in good faith when things don’t go as planned. We rarely terminate a company based on one complaint, as there are always two sides to every story. Instead, we try to assist the parties to get the matter resolved in a mutually agreeable fashion.

If you would like to volunteer feedback about a Diamond Certified company, you can email us at info@diamondcertified.org. Also, check out the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee here.