You’ll find glass everywhere you look. Not only is glass in our homes, it’s in our cars and our places of work, too. It’s probably even on your latest mobile device. No matter where you live in Sonoma County, whether in Santa Rosa, Windsor, Petaluma, Healdsburg, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol or Guerneville, you’ll find more instances of glass in your life than you’d think at first.

So when you find yourself looking for new glass or replacement glass, be sure you’re looking in the right place. Many Sonoma County glass companies have areas of specialization. For example, some glass companies in Sonoma County offer new window glass and glass doors. Others offer custom shower doors, mirrors and tabletops. Still other glass shops and glaziers can replace or repair auto glass.

You’ll also find many examples of glass artists who produce items for display, either on their own or incorporated into a door, window, or cabinet. No matter what kind of glass you need, look for the right Sonoma County glass company, and enjoy finding the right glass for your needs.

New and Replacement Glass for Sonoma County Homes
Your Sonoma County home has many examples of glass. Before you even get in the house, you may be welcomed by entry doors with glass insets. Indeed, the glass may form the greater part of the door. You may have cabinets that have glass doors. Your shower enclosure may have glass doors. Your tables may be glass-topped. Your house may even have skylights or sun tunnels that let light into your house. And you may have glass doors leading out onto your patio or deck. When choosing glass for any application, you’ll be looking for beauty of appearance as well as safety and durability.

You’ll find plenty of reasons to use custom glass in your home. You may have glass-topped tables, a custom shower enclosure with glass doors, or you may want a custom mirror. All of these are readily available at glass shops in Sonoma County, including in the larger cities of Santa Rosa, Windsor, Petaluma, Sonoma, Rohnert Park, Healdsburg, Clove