How to Choose the Right Paint Color

by Matt Solis


Many paint samples come on strips of related shades, which can help you determine if the sample you’re considering is the right color for your room. Photo: CertaPro Painters of Berkeley (2011)

When done correctly, a high-quality paint job can tie together an entire room, add mood and interest to a space, and even add value to your home. When you’re in the market for new interior paint, consider the following tips for selecting the perfect color.

  • Paint is the easiest décor element to change and one of the least expensive ways to give a room a facelift. For that reason, it’s wise to choose a paint that complements or sets off the color scheme already present in your room. Consider the furniture, flooring, window treatments, tile, brick and fabrics in the room you want to repaint. Or, if you’re redecorating, make painting the final step in your project so you’re sure to choose a hue that complements your new furnishings and accessories.
  • Bring samples of your fabrics, carpeting, flooring, wallpaper and trim when you go shopping for paint colors.
  • Many paint samples come on strips of related shades. These color families can help you determine if the sample you’re considering is the correct color for your room. By looking at lighter and darker shades of the same color, you may find the paint has undertones that aren’t flattering to your furnishings.
  • If you’re coordinating a paint color with a print fabric or upholstery, one of the best ways to select the right paint is to coordinate a wall color to a background color in the print. The brighter, darker or deeper tones in the print can be brought out with an accent wall in the room or an adjacent room.
  • The finish of the paint you choose will also impact the appearance of your new wall color. Flat paints hide wall imperfections and give a matte appearance. Kelly-Moore has a product that dries flat (#655), but it’s more durable with regard to cleaning and scrubbing after the paint cures.
  • Glossy finishes reflect more light and can make colors appear bolder and brighter. Make sure you test a paint sample or patch with the exact finish you’re using—you may be surprised at how different the completed paint appears.

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