5 Ways to Prepare for an Interior Painting Project

by James Florence


If you have an upcoming interior painting project, take steps to ensure you're fully prepared. Photo: T & J Painting ©2022

Are you looking forward to an upcoming interior painting project? Save time and money (and avoid headaches) by being prepared for it. Consider the following tips:

1. Clear the walls. The simplest way to prepare for an interior painting project is to make sure the walls are cleared before the painters arrive. Take down any hanging artwork, posters, mirrors and shelving. If your kitchen is being painted, remove appliances, food containers and other items from the countertops. With the walls and work area clear, your painters will be able to get right to work.

2. Establish a game plan for moving furniture. While removing items from walls is pretty straightforward, moving furniture may require a more strategic approach. Many people assume that all furniture should be put in the middle of the room, but this isn’t always the case—for example, if your painters are painting the ceiling first, they’ll want this area clear. Discuss a game plan with your painting contractor ahead of time so you both know what to expect. Also, be sure to ask if they charge an additional fee for moving furniture.

3. Solidify your color choice. Since you’ve scheduled an interior painting project, you’ve likely already decided on your color scheme. However, if you’re having second thoughts, don’t hesitate to enlist the expertise of your painting contractor. Many professional painters have experience with color consultation, and some even have color consultants on staff. This will help you confidently choose colors that you’ll be happy with for the long term.

4. Make sure you’re covered. Naturally, a major concern with interior painting is paint getting on unintended targets like flooring and furniture. Any professional painter should take steps to thoroughly protect these areas by covering them with plastic. Keep in mind that if your painters are using spray paint, this is equally important to prevent airborne “paint dust” from landing on nearby surfaces. Speak to your painting contractor before the job and ask what measures they’ll take to protect your home.

5. Find a safe haven. A large-scale painting project can be stressful, especially if it takes more than a day or two to complete. To alleviate the stress, designate a place in the house where you and your family can go to escape the chaos. In the case of a whole-house repainting or popcorn ceiling replacement (an extremely messy undertaking), it may be worthwhile to book a stay at a local hotel.

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