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William Trbovich, Acurit Auto Repair

Diamond Certified for 21 Consecutive Years

“People who find us through Diamond Certified are interested in quality and a fair price. They’re not trying to nickel-and-dime things—they want things done right the first time.”

William Trbovich, Owner
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William Trbovich, Acurit Auto Repair

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Owner, William Trbovich


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  • Best Page Ever Company Report
  • High Rated Google Stars
  • Certified Videos: Profiles, Experts, Story, Interviews
  • Adds Quality Power on My Website, Social Media and Emails
William Trbovich, Acurit Auto Repair

Usage Report for Diamond Certified Tools, Media, Digital Power and Research

Diamond Certified Tools

Diamond Certified Digital Power

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Diamond Certified Brochures
Estimates to increase sale-to-bid rate
To increase Quality Customer referral rate after job completion
usage report
Diamond Certified Signage and Banners
On the outside of the building to increase the confidence of Quality Customers as they arrive Inside the waiting room to increase the confidence of Quality Customers as they wait for their vehicles
usage report
Diamond Certified Expert Contribution Reprints
With estimates to elevate the expert position of William Trbovich
To increase the confidence that shoppers have in Acurit Auto Repair’s expertise
usage report
Using Diamond Certified Labels
On business cards, brochures, estimates and invoices to increase the recipients’ trust in Acurit Auto Repair’s quality
usage report
Using Diamond Certified Phone Talking Points and Voicemail Message
To increase the number of potential customers who bring in their vehicles
To decrease the number of hang-ups with no messages
usage report
Google Stars Search Results Summary Link
With Diamond Certified’s top rating and high number of surveys to cause more Quality Customers to click Acurit Auto Repair’s Diamond Certified Company Report page
usage report
Using Web-Based Diamond Certified Company Report
As Acurit Auto Repair’s most trusted webpage to pull in more Quality Customers.
It’s most trusted and complete because it’s created by a trusted third party and contains deep info on Acurit Auto Repair.
usage report
Diamond Certified Video Profile, 5 Useful Answers Video, Experts Video and Stories Video
To capture shoppers’ attention, improve their familiarity with Acurit Auto Repair and increase their trust in the team’s expertise
usage report
Diamond Certified Essential Articles of Company Profile, Philosophy, Comparative Summary, Industry Info and FAQs
To increase shoppers’ trust in the expertise of Acurit Auto Repair’s team and its professional performance

Diamond Certified Media

Diamond Certified Research & Training

usage report
Diamond Certified Directories

To pull in an ongoing stream of Quality Customers

usage report
Diamond Certified Research and Ratings Reports

To see true customer feedback and gain ideas on how to keep getting better

usage report
Diamond Certified Website

To pull in an ongoing stream of Quality Customers

usage report
Diamond Certified Training

To get their team members to use DC tools to emphasize this Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise status and pull in more Quality Customers

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