Spinal Destination: The Rise of Chiropractic

by Matt Solis


As time goes on, more people are viewing chiropractic therapy as a viable alternative to conventional medical treatment. Photo: Springtown Wellness Center – Jag Dhesi, D.C. (2015)

More than 120 years since its inception, chiropractic treatment has finally come into its own as a health care alternative, having gained widespread acceptance by professionals and patients alike. According to Dr. Jag Dhesi, owner of Springtown Wellness Center in Livermore, more people than ever are turning to chiropractic treatment because they’re attracted by its attestable results and natural, non-invasive character. “There are few instances in health care where a patient comes into an appointment wincing with pain and walks out pain-free—especially without any kind of injection, pill or surgical procedure,” he says. “However, with chiropractic, that’s often the case.”

Chiropractic is an alternative health care practice that utilizes spinal adjustments to maximize physical comfort and health. Since the spinal cord serves as the main conduit between the central nervous system and the brain, chiropractic philosophy asserts that keeping the neck, spine and hips properly aligned helps facilitate healthy functioning of the entire body. Combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, chiropractic treatment is intended to be one part of a balanced wellness regimen.

Dr. Dhesi attributes chiropractic’s growing popularity in part to an increasing level of public awareness. “People are noticing how often chiropractic treatment is being applied in prominent fields like professional sports,” he explains. “They’ll hear about an athlete getting chiropractic adjustments before a game to maximize his performance and think, ‘Wow, that guy is getting it, why not me?’”

Another reason Dr. Dhesi believes people are turning to chiropractic is the inefficiency of treatment in more traditional settings. “I think a lot of people are fed up with the current state of the medical system,” he says. “In an average scenario, a patient is referred by their primary doctor to a physical therapist, who has a limited number of sessions with the patient and limited control over the treatment parameters. Due to these constraints, conventional physical therapy rarely provides lasting solutions, which has led to a growing interest in alternative options like chiropractic, where practitioners are free to customize their patients’ treatment plans as needed.”

As chiropractic continues to withstand its critics and gain further repute, Dr. Dhesi says more professionals in the medical field are coming to view it as a viable treatment option. “I think a lot of the older generation of physicians tended to view us as competition, whereas the younger generation views us more as an ally. If the ultimate goal is patient well-being, that’s exactly what we are. After all, in a perfect world, what really matters is results, not money or competition.”

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