Sign of a Professional Valet Service

by James Florence
valet service

When choosing a valet service, look for one that exhibits signs of professionalism. Photo: All About Parking (2017)

With Roy Nickolai of All About Parking

When using a valet service, it’s not always easy to tell its level of professionalism. One indicator that you’re dealing with a professional company is if the valet attendant walks around your vehicle and performs a damage control inspection prior to issuing you a ticket. The purpose of this inspection is to document any scratches, dents or other damage already on the vehicle, which the attendant will typically make note of on the valet ticket. This simple step will help you avoid any controversy about whether damage occurred while the vehicle was in the valet service’s care.

While it should be part of standard procedure, many valet services fail to train their attendants to perform damage control inspections, which can lead to unnecessary conflicts with customers. For this reason, when using a valet service, make sure your valet attendant performs this crucial step before handing them the keys to your vehicle.