• Considerations for Replacing Windows

    new windows SacramentoWindow Installation Considerations for Your Sacramento Home

    A window replacement project involves many aspects, each of which can impact the final result. Here are some factors to consider when replacing the windows in your Sacramento home:

    Method of window installation

    When it comes to window replacement, there are two methods of installation:

    1. New construction: The existing window glass and frames are completely removed and replaced.
    2. Retrofit: The new window glass and related components are installed within the existing frames.

    When choosing a window installation method, one crucial consideration is how it will impact your home exterior. Since new construction installation requires removal of the frames, window contractors must cut away the areas of siding that cover them. Depending on your home’s siding material, additional work may be required to repair these areas. With wood siding, the new window frames will typically hide these areas, whereas a stucco exterior will typically require extensive patching (and, in many cases, a new paint job to blend the new patches). That’s why the retrofit method is usually recommended when working with stucco. Consult your window installer on the best installation method for your window replacement project.

    Your home’s architecture

    A key aesthetic goal of any window replacement project is architectural authenticity. Whether you own a Midtown bungalow, an Alkali Flat Victorian or an East Sacramento Mediterranean, it’s crucial to choose a window product that will complement your home’s architectural style and maintain its resale value. Keep in mind that if your home is a registered historic landmark or located in a Historic District, your window replacement options will be limited to products deemed historically appropriate. Contact the City of Sacramento Community Development Department to learn about requirements for replacing your historic home’s windows.

    Your home’s value

    Another factor to consider when choosing replacement windows is the value of your home and other homes in your neighborhood. Window products run the gamut from economically priced options like vinyl to high-end choices like fiberglass and custom wood. While vinyl windows work well for medium-priced homes, they typically aren’t a good choice for homes in high-value neighborhoods like Richmond Grove or Land Park, as they could have a negative impact on resale value. By choosing a window product that corresponds to your home’s value, you can make the most of your investment.

    Installer expertise

    Even if you invest in quality replacement windows, if they aren’t installed properly, they won’t perform like they should. Worse still, you may experience problems down the road such as leaks and dry rot. That’s why you should put as much effort into finding the right window installation company as you do into choosing the right window product.


    With the hot, sunny weather characteristic of Sacramento summers, it’s wise to invest in features that enhance your replacement windows’ UV- and heat-resistance. Energy-efficient frames and glass treated with a low-E coating can go a long way toward maintaining a cool environment inside your home.

    Noise level of your location

    If you live near a busy road or in a high-traffic area like downtown Sacramento, consider investing in a window product that provides maximum sound suppression. Thicker glass and well-insulated frames will create a more peaceful home environment and make it easier for you to sleep and relax.

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  • Hiring a Window Replacement Company

    windows in two-story Sacramento homeAdvice for Hiring a Window Installation Company in Sacramento

    Window installation is a big job, and if not performed correctly, it can lead to substantial (and expensive) issues. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a capable, experienced and reliable company to handle your project. Consider the following advice for hiring a window replacement company in Sacramento:

    1. Inquire about experience.

    Most window installers possess the general skills and knowledge to do the job, but experience can make all the difference when complications arise. Ask how long the company has been in business, as well as how long the owner has been working in the industry. If the company handles multiple aspects of construction, ask specifically about its experience in regard to window replacement. Additionally, ask how long the company’s core crew of installers have been working there.

    2. Investigate reputation.

    Thanks to the prevalence of online consumer reviews, it’s not hard to find out if a window installation company truly lives up to the hype. Five minutes spent searching on Google can often give you an idea of whether a company is keeping its customers satisfied and following through on its promises.

    3. Verify managerial oversight.

    Any window replacement project should be overseen by a supervising manager or foreman who’s present on the jobsite. This close supervision helps ensure all aspects of the job are performed correctly and to a high standard. Ask about the company’s approach to on-the-job supervision and general quality control.

    4. Research industry certifications.

    Many of the top window replacement companies have earned certifications from industry organizations and window product manufacturers. For example, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s InstallationMasters® Training and Certification Program certifies window installers who have demonstrated proficiency in proper installation practices. Hiring a certified window replacement company can bring additional confidence for your project.

    5. Ask about warranties.

    Due to the substantial costs involved, it’s important to ensure your window installation is backed by a strong warranty. Many of the best window products come with lifetime warranties and offer long-term assurance that’s well worth the extra initial investment. However, keep in mind that your warranty will only be valid if the windows were installed in accordance with manufacturer standards—another reason to consider hiring a certified installer. Additionally, window replacement projects performed by certified window companies are often eligible for extended warranties.

    6. Consider the advantages of the dealer-installer combo.

    If possible, have the same company supply and install your windows. Having all aspects of your window installation handled by a single company can help ensure things progress smoothly, with improved communication and increased accountability. Additionally, if any issues arise following installation, you’ll likely get them resolved more efficiently when working with a single company.

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  • Modern Window Innovations

    Features and Options to Consider for Your New Windows

    Fifty years ago, residential windows were pretty basic—typically just a single pane in a wood or aluminum frame. During the last few decades, industry innovation has not only improved window performance in general (double-pane glass has become the new standard) but developed a wide assortment of performance-enhancing features and enhancements. Here are a few to consider when replacing the windows in your Sacramento home:

    Low-E coating

    A great way to enhance your windows’ UV resistance is by investing in glass treated with a low-emissivity (low-E) coating. This invisible coating substantially improves a window’s insulating properties by decreasing the amount of solar heat that can pass through the glass. While low-E window glass has been around for a while, the technology has further improved in recent years. While previous iterations of low-E glass could block up to 84 percent of UV rays, today’s low-E3 glass can block up to 95 percent. Given the high temperatures of Sacramento summers, low-E window glass is a wise investment to keep your home cooler on hot days.

    Argon gas fill

    Another feature that makes today’s windows more energy-efficient is the insertion of argon gas between the dual panes. A nontoxic, nonreactive, clear, odorless substance, argon gas is denser than air, which makes it less conductive of heat. This enhancement can reduce a window’s heat loss by 20 percent in the winter and make it about 30 percent more efficient in blocking heat and UV rays in the summer. Since heat gain and loss through windows accounts for 25–30 percent of residential heating and cooling energy use, argon gas can make a big difference in lowering your utility bills.

    Noise-reducing glass

    Nowadays, standard residential windows typically come with single-strength, 1/16-inch panes. However, few homeowners realize this is the minimum thickness of glass available, which means they’re getting the minimum performance benefits. Rather than choosing two single-strength panes, consider upgrading your window glass to double-strength over triple-strength panes. The main benefit this combination provides is improved sound suppression, a feature that can be particularly beneficial if you have loud neighbors or live in a high-traffic part of Sacramento. By providing a more peaceful home environment, noise-reducing window glass can be a great investment in peace of mind.

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  • Window Frame Options

    Popular Window Frame Options

    If you’re planning to replace the windows in your Sacramento home, you’ll need to know about your window frame options. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular choices and their attributes:


    Vinyl windows are economical options that offer a high level of energy efficiency and durability for a low cost. They require virtually no maintenance after installation; resist corrosion, rot and UV damage; and are easy to clean. Additionally, because of their durability, manufacturers typically offer lifetime warranties on vinyl windows. The only real downside of vinyl windows is they can’t be painted and are typically only available in lighter colors, as dark colors absorb heat, which can cause the frames to warp. Thanks to their combination of affordability, durability and performance, vinyl windows are a great choice for mid-priced homes and rental units.


    Wood windows are a natural product typically used to maintain a particular aesthetic or provide a customized design. Wood windows are available in various wood species and can be stained or painted virtually any color. As a renewable resource, wood is also the most environmentally-friendly window material available.

    Budget-minded consumers should know that wood windows are more expensive than most other window products. They also require ongoing maintenance to prevent water and sun damage. However, most wood windows are made from rot-resistant woods, and when they’re maintained correctly, they can last as long as metal windows.


    Fiberglass windows are one of the most expensive options on the market, and for good reason. Not only are they strong, durable and rot-resistant, they’re the most energy-efficient window material available, especially when enhanced with an inner foam core. Fiberglass windows can be painted to match the home’s existing aesthetic, are available in faux wood grains and are treated with a UV-resistant acrylic finish. Due to these attributes, fiberglass windows can be a good choice for replacing the windows in a high-end residence.


    Despite being lightweight, aluminum windows are strong and durable. Due to their slim profile and narrow frame, aluminum windows maximize glass area and sight lines. They also allow for greater design flexibility, as they can be customized to fit virtually any configuration.

    The main downside of aluminum for windows is its high U-value, which causes it to conduct heat and cold more readily than other, more energy-efficient frame materials. However, many of today’s aluminum window products improve upon this deficiency by including a special insulation that creates a stronger thermal barrier. If you decide on aluminum windows, make sure you’re purchasing a product that’s designed to maximize energy efficiency.

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Additional companies within the Sacramento Area

The following companies have not applied or earned Diamond Certified. The performance of these companies is not backed by the Diamond Certified performance guarantee.  It is a good idea to check the license, insurance and performance history of these or any companies that are not Diamond Certified.

  • 306 Glass & Design Inc - (916) 231-3602
  • Advanced Windows & Glass - (916) 459-0430
  • American Window Mfg - (916) 454-5277
  • Artisan Window-Sash Rstrtn - (916) 967-6900
  • Campbell Window & Door - (916) 515-8460
  • D & D Windows - (916) 514-8138
  • Forrest Windows - (916) 987-1931
  • Glass Guru - (916) 714-4405
  • Hall’s Window Ctr - (916) 669-1469
  • K-Designers - (916) 306-8990
  • Newglass Unlimited - (916) 468-6162

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