• Advice for Your Sacramento Move

    moving truck headed to SacramentoWhat You Need to Know About Moving to Sacramento

    Sacramento is growing. An affordable city with a wide range of job opportunities, California’s capital is proving to be an attractive destination for more people every year. Relocating to a new city can be both exciting and challenging. But whether you’re moving to your first condo in Midtown or a five-bedroom family home in Natomas, finding a moving company you can trust is the first step for a successful transition. Here’s some more advice to help you with your move to Sacramento.


    Parking is at a premium in many Sacramento neighborhoods, such as Midtown and East Sacramento. You’ll need to apply for a parking permit if your new home doesn’t have off-street parking. Depending on your new address, you may also need a temporary parking permit for your moving truck, and you might need to inform your new condo association about the logistics of your move.

    School dates

    Sacramento schools begin the academic year during the last week of August and end the second week of June. Many families will want to move between those dates. However, moving during the extreme heat of summer brings particular challenges.

    Sacramento weather

    While summer is a popular time for moving, you’ll have to contend with Sacramento’s heat. Summertime temperatures are typically over 90 degrees, but days over 110 aren’t unheard of. If you’re moving goods from a different climate, be aware that wood can crack when transported from a humid area of the country to the dry, hot conditions of Sacramento.

    Sacramento utilities

    You’ll want the lights on and the internet working as soon as you move in. In Sacramento, water, sewer and trash collection are managed through the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities. Contact Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) to set up your electricity. For gas hook-up, contact Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). This website can help you decide which cable and internet plan is best for your household.

    Sacramento storage considerations

    Sactown’s high summer temperatures mean that items placed in storage need to be able to withstand the heat. Self-storage facilities vary in how much climate control they offer. Fluctuations in temperature can affect furniture joints, upholstery and even mattresses. Older memory foam mattresses absorb more sweat, which means if they’re stored in very hot temperatures, the bacteria trapped inside the mattress will multiply, causing odors.

    Donate unused items

    Moving is a natural time to assess whether you really need all of your stuff. Here’s a partial list of organizations in Sacramento that regularly accept donations:

    Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento

    Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento


    St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

    Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services

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  • Benefits of a Professional Mover

    Sacramento movers packing a moving truckWhy You Need a Professional Moving Company

    Unfortunately, it’s easy to find stories about fly-by-night moving companies that overcharge clients, take no responsibility for broken items or worse. That’s why it’s imperative to hire a moving company with positive reviews and solid credentials. These movers deliver a higher quality of service and enable you to rest assured that your valuables will get to your new home safely. Moving is inherently stressful, but a professional moving company will make the experience easier.

    Professional movers are better organized.

    A quality moving company will have the capacity to track moving box locations and provide a detailed inventory of all goods under their supervision. They don’t overbook their crews, so you know your movers will show up on time and ready to work.

    Professional movers offer accountability.

    They’ll do an in-person estimate to give you a true sense of your move’s costs, and they’ll itemize additional expenses such as labor, mileage surcharges, and packing materials. With this information in hand, there will be no billing surprises after the move. Professional movers will also do a pre-inspection of your goods to note any dents or scratches and take responsibility for damage that occurs on their watch.

    Professional movers will protect your home.

    Experienced movers will cover floors, door frames, elevators, and other areas with blankets and padding. Your former home and your new home will receive a higher level of respect, attention, and care from a professional moving company.

    Professional movers come prepared.

    They’ll have the tools and equipment necessary to deal with moving day surprises. If a large piece of furniture needs to be disassembled to get out the front door, professional movers will be able to do that and reassemble it in your new home.

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  • Moving Tips

    furniture packed by Sacramento moversTips and Advice From Professional Movers

    Preparing for a move can quickly become overwhelming. Professional movers offer the following tips to help you stay organized before, during and after your moving day:

    1. Label your boxes on multiple sides.

    No matter how they’re stacked in the moving truck, it’ll be easier to arrange and locate the boxes you need in your new home if you’ve labeled more than one box face.

    2. Use a clear and consistent labeling method.

    Use consistent abbreviations so you’re not guessing if “BR” stands for “bedroom,” “bathroom” or “breakfast nook.” Using color-coded tape or markers for boxes going to different areas of your new home can also help simplify unpacking.

    3. Pack outdoor items first.

    When packing up your home, it’s easy to forget about the items you store outdoors, such as gardening equipment and patio décor. Take care of these items first so you’re not left with a mad dash of late-night packing.

    4. Set a location for items that are staying with you.

    Things like cash, personal identification papers, deeds, photo albums or anything that has sentimental value shouldn’t go onto the moving truck. On moving day, make sure these items are all together in a place clearly marked as off-limits to the movers.

    5. Don’t forget your medications.

    Make sure you have enough of any prescription medications for your moving and travel days. If possible, keep your medications with you during the move—it’ll prevent you from having to rifle through boxes when you get to your new home. For long-distance moves, be sure to have enough medication in case the moving truck hits a delay, and contact a pharmacy in your new city to fill your future prescriptions.

    6. Secure your pets.

    The noise and disruption of moving can be stressful and confusing for pets. Moving crews generally leave doors open as they transport goods onto the truck. Therefore, it’s important that your pets are in a secure, enclosed location, such as a bathroom or emptied office.

    7. Organize electrical cords.

    As you unhook your television, stereo, computer and other electronics, make clear note of how the cords were set up. This might mean taking a photo on your phone or labeling the cords before packing them.

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  • Understanding Storage Options

    large storage facilitySelf Storage vs. Full-Service Storage: Which is Right for You?

    If you’ve found yourself with more stuff than you have room, you’re not alone. Many people choose to place items in storage while searching for a new home, making a temporary move or doing renovations. The next step is to determine if you need full-service storage or should place your items in a self-storage facility.


    Self-storage facilities offer units in varying sizes that are usually rented on a monthly basis. Generally, renters bring their items to units and pack them at their own discretion using their own padding and packing materials. Clients can access their units as needed to add, remove or rearrange items. Usually, there’s easy access for cars at these facilities and little or no access for large trucks, which means taking items from the unit to a moving truck may be challenging.

    Facilities vary greatly in terms of how much climate control they provide. Some provide general temperature regulation, some have ventilation to help with air circulation and others offer no climate control whatsoever. Summer temperatures often top 100 degrees in Sacramento, but temperatures in self-storage units can reach much higher. Renters should anticipate how the hot weather could affect their goods.

    Full-service storage

    With full-service storage, your items are professionally packed and loaded into an airtight storage container. The containers are then stored in warehouses that offer general climate control, which means the summer heat won’t be a major issue. These containers can be easily shipped to your new address at a later date, making full-service storage a great option for those making temporary moves or who are between homes.

    Be aware that accessing your goods while they’re in a full-service storage warehouse is complicated. The containers are efficiently stacked, and it usually requires an employee and a forklift to reach the storage box. That means you’ll be more limited as to when you can access your goods, and you’ll be charged a fee each time.

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Additional companies within the Sacramento Area

The following companies have not applied or earned Diamond Certified. The performance of these companies is not backed by the Diamond Certified performance guarantee.  It is a good idea to check the license, insurance and performance history of these or any companies that are not Diamond Certified.

  • Affordable Moving & Stge LLC - (916) 422-7621
  • California Moving Systems - (916) 362-1515
  • Cdk Relocation Svc - (916) 706-1631
  • Cr Moving Svc - (916) 338-3230
  • Great American Movers - (916) 383-3288
  • House To Home Moving - (916) 484-1144
  • North American - (916) 782-2121
  • Sacramento Moving Svc - (916) 687-6119

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