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wood doors in showroomOptional Features for a New Door

Before replacing one of your Sacramento home’s entry doors, make sure you’re aware of additional features for enhancing its beauty, security and practicality. Here are a few to consider:

Glass inserts

Glass inserts are a popular door embellishment and it’s no wonder why—not only do they augment the door’s visual attractiveness, they also let more light into the home. Since they’re made from impact-resistant glass, glass inserts won’t compromise home security. If privacy is a concern, you can choose glass inserts with an opaque coating. Be aware that glass inserts add to the cost of a replacement door and reduce its insulation value; however, you can reduce the latter effect by choosing double- or triple-panel glass.

If you want to get the effect of glass inserts without actually installing glass in your door, you may have other options, depending on the design of your entryway. These include sidelights (glass on the left, right or both sides of your entry door) and transoms (glass installed above the door). Ask your door installation contractor about the door glass options that are available to you.

Adjustable threshold

Over time, the size and/or fit of an exterior door can change slightly, especially if it’s made of wood. This can result in a number of issues, including drafts, moisture intrusion, and difficulty opening and closing the door. An adjustable threshold allows you to raise or lower the threshold’s height as needed to ensure both proper door functioning and a weathertight seal.

Digital locks

Digital locks have come into their own as a practical and increasingly popular door security option. Some of a digital lock’s benefits include: 

  • Improved security: Keypads are more difficult for burglars to manipulate than physical locks.
  • Code customization: Customized codes allow you to grant access to friends, family and service providers without the need for a physical key. Once the code is no longer needed, you can simply delete it.
  • Self-locking capability: You can program your door to lock within a certain interval of being shut. That way, you don’t have to worry if you forgot to lock your door when you left home.
  • No need to rekey: If you have a security breach, all you have to do is change the code.

High-grade hardware

Most standard entry door hardware only offers a minimal amount of protection against break-ins (which, in most cases, isn’t enough). To make your entry doors more secure, upgrade critical hardware components like deadbolt strike plates, hinges and screws. You should also make sure all your entry doors’ knobs are rated for exterior use.

Knockers and mail slots

Small ornamental touches can go a long way toward increasing your entry door’s charm and utility. Adding a door knocker gives you an opportunity to get creative (the design possibilities are endless), while the addition of a mail slot both increases your door’s visual appeal and gives friends and neighbors a convenient spot to drop off a note or card.

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Additional companies within the Sacramento Area

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  • Absolute Custom Wood Design - (916) 801-0495
  • All Quality Doors - (916) 571-5067
  • Allied Doors - (916) 421-3080
  • Allied Finishing Inc - (916) 387-0956
  • California Door & Frame - (916) 614-9506
  • Capco Sacramento - (916) 387-0777
  • Capitol Door & Molding - (916) 638-3000
  • Capitol Door Svc-Northern Ca - (916) 266-8000
  • Carmichael Door Inc - (916) 638-1702
  • Culbert Installs Doors Inc - (916) 675-4050