Prepping for My Home’s 100th Birthday Party

by Chris Bjorklund


Next year, my husband and I plan on celebrating our home’s 100th birthday, so Spring 2023 seemed like a good time to get the exterior painted. It has been at least 15 years since the last complete exterior paint job, although we’ve had it touched up from time to time. Now we’re going all out, not only changing colors but also adding more colors to the front of the house!

Speaking of prepping, I know that proper surface preparation is critical for a long-lasting paint job. Our painting team has spent more than a week power washing, scraping, patching, repairing and priming our single-family home from top to bottom. They discovered a few windows with dry rot and a disintegrated wood awning. It’s painstaking work and I appreciate their attention to detail. They covered all surface areas that weren’t being painted and protected the plants around the house by carefully tying them back. Every night, they tucked away their tarps and equipment so they weren’t in our way or creating an eyesore for the neighbors.

Based on the expertise of Diamond Certified painting contractors, here’s a simple guide to use if you’re getting estimates from painters and want to know how thorough their processes are. Asking the right questions will help you get quality and value for your money.

Exterior Painting Checklist 

  • Tie back plants and lay down tarps to protect the areas around the exterior 
  • Rinse and scrub exterior surfaces 
  • Sand surfaces and strip old paint 
  • Repair and replace rotten boards, caulk seams and cracks 
  • Use a quality primer on all surfaces, especially bare areas
  • Paint in good weather, preferably between 50 and 70 degrees 
  • Apply two finish coats for the best results 

When the right surface preparation techniques and materials are used, an exterior paint job should last 12 to 15 years. And one more thing I have to mention: Don’t forget to let your neighbors know when your painting project will begin. 

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