Junk Removal: Do’s and Don’ts

by Matt Solis


If your junk is getting out of hand, consider hiring a hauling professional to take it away for you. Photo: American Ratings Corporation ©2018

If you’re moving, renovating your home or simply doing some overdue cleaning, you may find yourself knee-deep in junk and unsure what to do about it. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem: junk removal services. Most hauling companies will handle every aspect of junk removal for you, which will allow you to focus on more important tasks. However, there are steps you can take to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

To make the most of your junk removal project, consider the following tips:

  • Don’t try to clear your entire house in one day—it can be overwhelming and cause you to become unmotivated. Clear out one room at a time, starting with the most difficult. If a particular room seems overwhelming, divide it into four sections and clean one section at a time.
  • Create three categories for your junk: things to keep, things to donate and things for the hauling company to take away. Use large garbage bags to separate your items into these three categories. If you come across an item that you’re not sure about throwing away, put it aside and decide at the end of your cleaning session. The “things to keep” section may also include items that can be more effectively placed in another room in your house.
  • Try to consolidate your junk before the hauling company arrives—it’ll save both time and money. For example, breaking down boxes and placing smaller items into larger ones will reduce the amount of space the hauling truck uses, which is how some companies determine their rates.
  • Be sure to wipe down and empty “throw away” items before sending them off for disposal, especially if you’re passing them on to a free pick-up company that recycles.

Most junk removal companies will pick up almost any type of material, but you should still confirm what a company can and can’t handle before you start the consolidation process.

Generally accepted: Furniture, mattresses, appliances, electronics, clothes, bulk trash, sheds and play sets, carpeting, scrap wood and metal, concrete, construction waste

Generally not accepted: Explosives, chemicals, hazardous waste, liquid waste (Freon), paint, scrap tires, equipment that contains gas or oil, biohazard/medical waste, asbestos or PCBs, fluorescent lights, batteries

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