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If you really care about choosing a quality remodeling contractor, we’re here for you. Here’s your access to the best remodeling contractors serving Solano County including 94533, 95687, 94591, 94534 and 94590. These remodelers provide bathroom remodels and bump-out additions, and they also work on bonus room remodeling, in-law suite additions and patio renovations. For 22 years we’ve conducted the most accurate ratings and deepest research of local contractors, so you’ll be confident in choosing.

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Mana Construction Inc. provides a wide range of construction and remodeling services for residential clients in Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, Marin, ...
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Main Services

Contractor - Remodeling & Additions

Additional Services

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), Foundation Excavation & Framing, Kitchen, Bathroom & Whole House Remodeling, Electrical, HVAC & Plumbing, New Home Building

Coverage Areas

Solano County, Contra Costa County, Alameda County, Marin County, Santa Clara County

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Diamond Certified Remodeling Contractors In Solano County

Diamond Certified remodeling contractors serving Solano County are rated an average of 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 183 reviews of 182 rated remodeling contractors.
Diamond Certified remodeling contractors in Solano County Avg. Star Rating.

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Solano County was founded in 1850, and today, your 444,506 neighbors use remodeling contractors for bathroom remodels, deck expansions, patio renovations, home remodeling, bump-out additions, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions for Contractor - Remodeling & Additions in Solano, CA
Q: What are clients of Diamond Certified remodeling contractors saying about contractors in Solano County, CA?
A: Verified Mana Construction Inc. Customer, one of 10
"They did really good work, but there was a lack of communication. The quality of the work" -Linda M.
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Q: What are some of the most popular brands that Diamond Certified remodeling contractors use when working with Solano County residents?
A: Diamond Certified remodeling contractors use top-quality brands like Stanley, Marvin, 3M, Schlage and CertainTeed.
Q: What types of patio renovations do remodeling contractors offer?
A: Remodeling contractors offer a variety of patio renovations including installing new patio surfaces such as concrete, tile, or natural stone, constructing and repairing patio covers and enclosures, creating outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, adding or repairing decks, installing or upgrading lighting systems, and implementing landscaping features. These renovations not only enhance the functionality of your outdoor space but can also significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your property.
Q: Can Diamond Certified remodeling contractors work with Bosch products and similar items so I can get bathroom remodels in Solano County?
A: Yes, Diamond Certified remodeling contractors can work with Bosch products and similar items for bathroom remodels in Solano County.
Q: What did people search for when they wanted to find the best quality remodeling contractors in Solano County?
A: House Remodeling
Bathroom Remodels
Bump-Out Additions
Porch Additions
Deck Expansions