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Last Updated Jul 08, 2024

These companies have passed our Preliminary 5-step rating process.

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Each listed company below has passed our 5-step Preliminary rating process but has not yet completed and our Diamond Certified Rating Process.

These companies have earned our Pre-Qualified Rating. Learn more about our 5-step process.

Rating Step 1 = Stars

Meet or exceed a
ONE AllRatings star score of 4.5.

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star rating

Indicates the final super-composite calculation of all reviews scores from all sources, optimized for accuracy and recency.

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Rating Step 2 = License

Verified active and in good standing (when required).


State license bureau data is accessed and analyzed.

Rating Step 3 = Background

Satisfactory status.

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Internet searches were performed seeking disqualifying information on each company.

Rating Step 4 = Complaints

Satisfactory status.


Complaint bureau records have been searched seeking disqualifying information on each company.

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Rating Step 5 = Specialist

Satisfactory status.


Our research specialist verifies all ratings steps have been passed and creates a final report and profile.

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