Are Your Gutters Ready for Winter Rains?

by Chris Bjorklund

Once it starts raining, roofers get calls from people who say their roof is leaking. But many times, it’s simply clogged up gutters causing the problem, according to David Imhof, Manager of Bay 101 Roofing, a Diamond Certified company. Everything from baseballs, lemons, pet toys, pine needles, and leaves can cause a blockage. Squirrels scurry around your roof, dropping nuts and twigs that float down into your gutters. So get out your garden hose now. Test by squirting water up into the gutter to check for flow. If it’s just a trickle, then take a closer look for drips and leaks at the seams. After you clear the gutters, consider installing gutter guards, which will keep out most debris. Mr. Imhof likes one product called “Gutter Glove,” because of its strong cast aluminum frame and fine stainless steel mesh, which screens out anything larger than eight microns.