Your “Plan Ahead” Checklist

by Matt Solis

Soon, the Bay Area’s “Shelter in Place” mandates will be lifted and it will be time to return to your normal activities. Since you’re someone who Plans Ahead, now is the time to call Diamond Certified companies and discuss future work. Use this checklist as a guide to ensure you’re prepared to get back into the swing of things.


  • Take your vehicle to a local repair shop for an oil change. If it has been more than 30,000 miles since your last transmission service, consider getting a complete fluid and filter change.
  • Have your car’s headlights deglazed—it’ll provide maximum visibility for nighttime driving.


  • Replace your HVAC system’s filters and have your air ducts cleaned.
  • Replace your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with the latest models. These “one-time use” detectors have a 10-year lifespan.


  • Make an appointment with a dentist or an optometrist, especially if it has been more than a year since your last exam.
  • Sign up for a membership at a local gym, health club or Pilates studio.


  • Meet with a tax preparer or financial advisor to make the most of any future investments or refinancing options.
  • Use an external hard drive to back up the data on your personal computer.


  • Schedule upcoming maintenance two or three months in advance. If you have immediate needs, see if the company can bundle several services in one visit.

Use video calls, texts, DMs and emails to communicate with the company while minimizing physical contact. You can also use a digital payment app.