Why I Love, Love, Love My Local Hardware Store

by Chris Bjorklund

Yes, I did a really stupid thing. I lost my car keys – INSIDE my house somewhere. After looking for them for two weeks with no luck, I gave up and zoomed down to my local hardware store to get a copy made of the one and ONLY key to my 1997 Infiniti i30.

This simple transaction made me love this local business even more than I did before. The young man not only made the key in minutes, but he also took some extra time to give me additional consumer advice. Here’s what he said:

#1. Try the new key ASAP. Try it in the ignition AND to unlock the door. He said, “If you have a problem, come right back and we’ll fix it.” Music to my ears.

#2. Do not lend the master key to anyone who’s borrowing your car. You want to make sure the master does not get lost.

#3. He reminded me to always make additional keys from the master in the future, not from the copy.

I love it when employees are well educated AND they take the time to educate me as well.