Why Fleas Are Especially Dangerous for Young Pets

by Chris Bjorklund

Flea prevention and control are needed all year round in California for all animals, especially kittens and puppies. According to Dr. Kristina Hansson, a veterinarian with North Bay Animal Hospital, a Diamond Certified company, small animals are more at risk.  Dr. Hansson warns, “With the chronic ingestion of blood by the fleas, it can actually lead to anemia and stunted growth because the animal is not growing as fast as it normally would with the nutrient loss from the blood.”

Flea collars aren’t recommended for prevention. They often contain toxic chemicals that can irritate your pet’s skin, and they’re uncomfortable. Flea combs are useful to check whether your pet has fleas and whether your flea control is adequate, but simply using a flea comb won’t solve the problem. Instead, Dr. Hansson recommends some of the topical products, which are very effective.  Talk to your vet about which one to buy.