When Your “World” Crashes

by Chris Bjorklund

First my cell phone conks out. I lose all photos and contacts, and no, stupid me, I didn’t back them up. Then my recording equipment stops working and I have no idea why. When I turned on my iPod, all the music had disappeared – no albums, no playlists. I can probably fix this by re-loading all the music, but I was still frustrated by the unexplained and sudden malfunction.

The capper for the week was another type of crash – a hit and run accident. I parked by City Hall while at the symphony and when I drove home, I had trouble steering the car. When straightening out the steering wheel, the car veered off to the right. My Diamond Certified auto repair shop was apologetic when they told me that someone had obviously hit the car and damaged a strut.

It’s good to know that you have reliable service people at your fingertips, especially when you have a string of crashes, like I did last week.