What’s Up With No Follow-Up? Part #2

by Chris Bjorklund

As I told you last week, I was frustrated and puzzled when a contractor didn’t provide an estimate after visiting my property and promising to send over a bid. While waiting, I started wondering if some companies do this because they simply don’t want your job for one reason or another. That I understand, but just tell me that and I will stop bugging you! Maybe the job is too small or too far away, or they sense that you’ll be a difficult customer. Maybe the company is too busy, but just tell me that.

In this case, the reason for the delay was something else. The company owner had some serious family issues that had distracted him from the business. Of course, any of us would understand something like that and cut some slack and back off. I guess the lesson here is not to jump to conclusions, or take these things personally, but I still think a little communication with your customers makes all the difference in the world.