What Do You Procrastinate About?

by Chris Bjorklund

I was sitting around with a group of girlfriends at the end of last year and the conversation got around to all the things we meant to do in 2019 but didn’t. It was interesting to hear how differently we all prioritize tasks and projects and keep putting some things off for months and even years. The discussion got me thinking about how I could be more productive in the coming year. So, I made a list of random things I’m working on in 2020 or that I recently completed. My list might get you thinking about yours.

1. Compare auto insurance rates again.
2. Negotiate the annual fee with my credit card issuer.
3. Prepare an earthquake kit or go bag.
4. Set up and use a password manager.
5. Record videos of valuable possessions for insurance purposes.
6. Check my credit reports for mistakes.
7. Use the public library.
8. Stop buying water in plastic bottles.
9. Install a low-flow showerhead and toilet.
10. Get a fireproof safe.
11. Digitize all my old family photos and slides.
12. Update my will.
13. Complete an advanced medical directive and give a copy to loved ones and my primary doctor.
14. Detail and wax the car.
15. Vacuum behind the refrigerator.
16. Purge the vinyl records in the basement and keep the favorites.
17. Verify with the Social Security Administration that my earnings are reported accurately.
18. Reevaluate cable and cellphone plans to cut costs.
19. Get my adult children’s old books, trophies and toys out of the garage.
20. Buy artificial Christmas trees in February for a deep discount.

So, what’s on your 2020 list?