Watch Out for Low-Balling by Contractors

by Chris Bjorklund

Choosing the least expensive bid from a contractor is not always a wise strategy. You could end up being the star of a contractor horror story. Matthew Johnson of Matthew W. Johnson, General Contractor, a Diamond Certified company, hears these sad stories all the time and says you can usually avoid big problems by looking for red flags.

Some low-balling contractors bid jobs lower than their cost. You might be tempted by the price. Once they get into the job, they start adding on the extras, hire unskilled labor, take their sweet time completing the job (because they’re taking a loss) or simply walk away from a partially completed job. Diamond Certified contractors have had their licenses checked and credentials verified by American Ratings Corporation. A large random sample of past customers are surveyed and only top-rated contractors in your area are awarded the prestigious Diamond Certified symbol.