Specialty Spotlight: Valet Parking Services

by Suzanne Carroll

Valet parking services can help special events run more smoothly. Photo: All About Parking ©2019

When you think about valet services, you might imagine a fancy restaurant or a high-end hotel. But valet companies actually offer a wider range of services than many people realize. In this article, we’ll explore more about what these companies offer and discuss what to look for when selecting a valet parking service. 


Valet Parking for Special Events

Planning a special event means coordinating many logistical pieces: the invitations, the catering, the entertainment and more. One thing that’s important to prioritize (especially in the Bay Area) is the transportation needs of your guests. Whether your special event is located in the city, the suburbs or the countryside, expect many of the invitees to arrive by car. This is especially true if many of your guests are elderly or have mobility issues. Similarly, if the parking options near your event are limited or confusing, a valet service can make the evening more pleasant for your guests.

A valet service will help make a positive first impression at your event. The best companies train their attendants to be friendly and courteous. Your guests will feel welcomed and confident that their cars are being well-handled. Another benefit of using a professional valet service is that they prepare for the unexpected. For instance, if it rains on the day of your event, the valet service can provide umbrellas or set up a canopy to keep your guests comfortable.

Valet parking services offer much tighter security than street parking or even a parking garage. Attendants will put any bags or personal items out of view, and they’ll monitor the cars throughout the event. This additional level of security will ensure your event remains special for your guests.

Valet parking services also have strong coordination skills and bring specialized knowledge about local traffic patterns. At the close of your event, a professional valet service will keep traffic flowing smoothly so your guests aren’t left waiting.


Corporate Valet Parking

Some companies in the Bay Area have the good fortune of growing faster than their parking lots. However, if workers have to struggle to find parking, that lost time means lost productivity. Valet parking services can analyze a company’s current lot and come up with a plan to maximize space and efficiency. They can manage the lot and offer valet services to employees or visitors.

Many Bay Area workplaces are all about the perks. Some valet parking services offer extras like charging stations for electric vehicles, washing and detailing services, and bicycle fleets for larger corporate campuses.


What to Look for in a Valet Parking Service

When selecting a valet parking service, choose one that goes the extra mile to ensure the vehicles under their care are secure. And in case something goes wrong, make sure they have the appropriate insurance coverage to handle any claims. Find a Diamond Certified valet parking service in your area.

  • Employee vetting: Choose a valet parking service that does thorough background checks. These should include criminal background checks, DMV driving record checks and regular drug testing.
  • Employee training: Modern cars are more complex than ever. A quality valet service will make sure its attendants can safely operate any vehicle that pulls up. Additionally, employees should be trained to perform a damage inspection of each car before taking it from the driver.
  • Insurance coverage: Only choose a valet parking service that’s bonded and carries liability insurance. Some services also offer additional insurance coverage for an extra charge.