Use This Checklist to Find Out If You Have a Great Plumber

by Chris Bjorklund

If you’re like me, you probably don’t think much about your home’s plumbing. Of course, the day the bathtub won’t drain or the toilet won’t flush, we’re reminded of just how dependent we are on free-flowing pipes. When the time comes to call in a professional, you’ll be relieved to have a great plumber programmed into your speed-dial. Although plumbing problems can be expensive and inconvenient, the right plumber will provide value for your money and make the repair process as painless as possible.I’m often asked what you should look for in a plumber. Based on interviews with both customers and plumbers, I’ve developed a “great plumber” checklist. Here it is:

A great plumber:
1. Holds a current and active C36 contractor’s license with the State of California
2. Maintains active liability and workers’ compensation insurance
3. Answers your call, or returns your message promptly
4. Has the experience and expertise to handle your particular plumbing issue
5. Arrives as scheduled and gives updates if running late
6. Explains the problem and solution in simple terms, and offers options
7. Is clear about rates and service charges and provides a written estimate
8. Comes prepared with the tools and parts needed to complete the repair (unless it is a major job that will require more than one visit)
9. Communicates with you during the job if your decision is needed on any aspect of the work
10. Cleans up after himself, leaving the area as it was before he started working
11. Provides a detailed bill and can explain all charges
12. Follows up after the job to see if everything is working well
13. Offers a performance guarantee