The Why (and How) of Resealing Tile

by Matt Solis


Resealing is crucial for maintaining tile surfaces' long-term integrity. Photo: Derrick Tracey Custom Tile & Marble ©2022

Most homes contain one or more tile surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and/or living area. A common misconception about tile is that once it’s installed, the only maintenance required is cleaning. However, there’s an important additional step to maintaining stone, porcelain and ceramic tile surfaces: recurrent resealing.

Resealing tile is important for a couple of reasons:

  1. It protects the tile’s surface by preventing stains and discoloration caused by the accumulation of dirt and grime.
  2. It repels dirt and grime, which makes cleaning easier and more effective.

Tile Resealing Methods

The proper method of resealing tile differs depending on the type of material. Here’s how to reseal ceramic/porcelain and stone tile surfaces:

Ceramic or porcelain tile should be resealed at least once (ideally twice) per year. When applying sealer to a ceramic or porcelain surface, you should focus primarily on sealing the grout, as that’s where dirt and grime can collect and cause discoloration. Use a clean sponge to apply the sealer over the entire surface, paying special attention to covering those grout lines.

Stone tile differs from ceramic or porcelain products in that it’s extremely porous. For this reason, when sealing stone tile, it’s important to seal the entire surface, including both the tile and the grout. Doing this twice a year will prevent stains and discoloration from spills and other sources.

After Care

After resealing your tile, be proactive about regular maintenance. Consistently wiping countertops and sweeping and mopping floors will keep the tile and grout looking its best. Remember, when wiping or mopping, it’s important to use an appropriate cleaning product. Since acidic or abrasive cleaners can eat away at tile sealant, always use a pH neutral product.

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