Stuff About Squash You Didn’t Know

by Chris Bjorklund

I LOVE the seasonal tips from Diamond Certified company owners like this one.

Craig Kozy, owner of DeMartini Orchard, a Diamond Certified company, has lots to say about squash, and pumpkins in particular. Did you know that some are better for making puree for soup or pumpkin pie than others? The best ones are “Wisconsin Cheese” pumpkins or “Sugar Pie” pumpkins with the speckled skin. These are marketed later than your jack-o-lantern pumpkins. Seeds from all types of pumpkins and squashes can be roasted for a tasty snack.

Hard squash come in a number of varieties: kabocha (good for soup), carnival, butternut, spaghetti, Danish, acorn, gold nugget, to name a few. These are often used for decorating a table or front door. Here’s what I didn’t know. These hard squash will keep for several months, and after being your centerpiece, can be cut in half, baked and served for dinner. Just be sure to keep them out of the sunlight and in a dry place.