Spill Something? Be Sure to Blot, Not Rub

by Chris Bjorklund

The worst thing you can do when you spill something on your carpeting? Grab an off-the-shelf spot remover and start rubbing. Charlene Locke, an expert at Sequoia Cleaning & Restoration, Inc., a Diamond Certified company, says this can just make your problem worse. “The right way is to first remove any solid matter with a spatula. Then, fold a towel into a tight square; place it on top of the spilled area and then step on it — using your whole weight. And keep on turning this folded square towel until the spill is fully absorbed.” Ms. Locke says next, pour one cup of cold water onto the spill. Get another towel, and keep blotting as before, until you are no longer getting any color transfer. If you can’t get all of the stain out, put a damp cloth on the area and leave it there until your professional carpet cleaner comes out to complete the job.