Specialty Spotlight: Computer Services

by James Florence


If you’ve lost important files from your computer, smartphone or tablet, a data recovery company can help with retrieval. Photo: DriveSavers Data Recovery ©2019

Modern society relies on computers more than ever, which means when something goes wrong, everything in your life can come to a halt. However, if you run into computer trouble, you don’t have to rely on a big-box electronics store for service—there are many independent companies that provide a full range of repair options for computers, tablets and cellphones. In this article, we’ll go over what these companies offer and learn some of their tips for keeping your electronics running at their best.



Hardware replacement and repair for computers

A computer repair service can help if part of your computer has been damaged or if it’s starting to run more slowly. They can replace damaged laptop screens, power cables and hard drives so your computer can keep running at its best for longer.

Repair and recovery for tablets and smartphones 

Computer service companies often have the capacity to fix damaged tablets and smartphones. They can replace cracked screens, install new batteries, repair speakers and even bring water-damaged devices back to life.

Data recovery

The “Blue Screen of Death” doesn’t always mean the end for your computer. Whether you’ve lost files due to hard drive damage, a power surge or deletion, a computer service company can help retrieve your data, even if your computer has experienced smoke or water damage. Services aren’t limited to computers, either—many companies also retrieve lost data from smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, flash drives and other devices.

IT services for small businesses

Computer service companies can manage IT needs for small businesses. They can plan and install networks, upgrade existing networks, and set up security. They also offer maintenance plans and emergency assistance, so if a small business runs into technical trouble, a qualified IT professional is available to handle the issue.

Cyber security

Computer viruses are becoming increasingly complex and more challenging to avoid. A computer service company can remove any viruses or spyware from your computer, install antivirus software to prevent future attacks and update existing antivirus programs.


Tips for Protecting Your Computer and Data

There are many steps you can take to help your computer function well, avoid damage and remain virus-free. Here’s what computer repair and data recovery service professionals recommend.

Keep your computer clean. Over time, dust and debris can clog your computer’s components and fan, preventing it from working well and causing it to overheat more easily. Using a forced air can on the vents and keyboard will help clear away dust.

Back up your computer and other electronics. Make a habit of backing up your computer, cellphone, tablet and any other electronic device you use regularly. Backups should be stored in a separate location from your electronics or in the cloud. Always back up before installing an update.

Remove unused computer programs. You should periodically review the programs on your computer’s hard drive and delete any you’re no longer using. Unused programs take up room on your computer, causing it to run more slowly.

Know when it’s time to replace your computer. Personal computers are not designed to last forever. If you find that your computer no longer supports updates, operates sluggishly or is running out of RAM, it may be time to replace rather than invest money and effort into repairs.

Viruses rely on users. As we go through emails and websites, we often click without paying attention. Computer viruses are designed to exploit this habit. Along with up-to-date antivirus software, the best way to protect your computer is to pay close attention to the content of all emails, websites and pop-up windows. Take time to study things before clicking and only open attachments from senders you trust.