Savvy Sofa Selection

by Chris Bjorklund

It's one of the biggest furniture investments you're going to make, so take your time when choosing a new sofa. Our Diamond Certified expert Craig Kohler with Artesanias Unique Home Furnishings says the biggest mistakes people make are on the depth of the seat and the overall size. Seeing a sofa in a large retail space may throw off your sense of how big it really is. Look at your traffic flow and where you're going to place the sofa first. Think about how you will be using the sofa, so you can balance style and comfort. Will you be sitting and reading with your feet on the floor, or lying down to watch TV? This will affect your choices on size and cushions. To evaluate quality, examine the stitching, grab the back of the sofa to check on the padding and pick up the front corner, a sofa's weakest point, to check for strength.