pitched paving stone driveway in SacramentoWhy Choose Paving Stones for Your Sacramento Property?

When installing a driveway, patio, pool deck or similar masonry feature at your Sacramento home, you have two primary options: poured concrete or paving stones. If you don’t know which choice is right for you, consider the following benefits of the latter:

Aesthetic beauty

On the sole basis of appearance, it’s hard to compete with the visual and textural appeal of paving stones. Since paving stone masonry features are assembled by hand, they not only provide ample opportunities for custom design, they also lend a uniquely nuanced, artisan aesthetic.

Creative possibilities

Since paving stones are available in myriad colors, shapes, sizes and textures, the possibilities for design are practically endless. Furthermore, if the architecture of your Sacramento home reflects a specific era or style, you can find a paving stone product to match it. For example, if you own a Victorian home in Mansion Flats, you can choose cobblestone pavers to achieve a befitting aesthetic with your masonry driveway or walkway.


Since they’re composed of multiple pieces rather than a monolithic slab, paving stone masonry features are better able to handle soil movement and resist cracking than poured concrete installations. This attribute is particularly beneficial in Sacramento, which, like much of Northern California, contains high amounts of hardpan clay soil. Since clay soil is prone to absorb and retain water, the consequent soil expansion and contraction throughout the year is apt to cause cracking in poured concrete slabs. Of course, the prevalence of seismic activity in Northern California is also a pertinent factor. Overall, using paving stones to build your masonry driveway or pool deck will substantially reduce the likelihood of damage caused by these natural factors.

Easy repair

If a paving stone masonry feature is damaged, repairs are typica