Assessing the Threat

mold in wallsWhat to Do If You Discover Mold in Your Home

Upon discovering the presence of mold in their homes, many people assume it’s an immediate health threat and react accordingly. However, even if you find what appears to be black mold in your home, there’s a good chance the situation isn’t as dire as you think. There are thousands of different strains of mold, but only a few produce toxins. So, before moving your family into a hotel, call a professional abatement contractor to come to your home and assess the true nature of the situation.

Nonetheless, continued exposure to mold over long periods of time can lead to serious health issues, including respiratory infections and asthma. While mold can often be identified visually or by its characteristic musty odor, in other instances it’s able to accumulate undetected within walls or underneath carpet. To ensure your home is mold-free, it’s a good idea to schedule a professional inspection.

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