Can We Put an End to Robocalls?

by Chris Bjorklund

If you hate getting phone calls from telemarketers, you’ve probably done what I’ve done: signed up for the Do Not Call list, which the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) created in 2003. So, why are we still getting illegal robocalls?robotoon

While the Do Not Call registry has reduced the number of unwanted calls from legitimate companies, according to, the FTC received more than 3 million complaints from annoyed consumers in 2014. ( is an advocacy arm of Consumers Union and Consumer Reports magazine.)

The bottom line is that the Do Not Call list isn’t working. Robocallers use technology that tricks you into answering their calls. By “spoofing” a phone number, a legitimate number will show up on your caller ID. The scammers operate overseas and don’t worry about getting prosecuted in the United States. They’re difficult to find because operations open and close quickly, and some telephone companies aren’t even using available technologies that can block illegal robocalls.

So what can you do? still recommends signing up for the Do Not Call list. You can also try getting a call-blocking service from your phone company or using call-blocking apps. Share your experiences at and sign the petition directed at telephone company CEOs asking them to help end illegal robocalls.