A Proven Erosion Control Technique

by Chris Bjorklund

Many people don’t address the erosion problems on their properties. Either they don’t see them, or they don’t understand the process, according to Mark Soiland, President of Soiland Co., Inc., a Diamond certified company. “Erosion is simply water that picks up volume, and therefore velocity, in storm events. It can cause major property damage.” Adding rocks is a good solution for many situations. Rocks of different sizes can slow down the erosive nature of water, as it picks up both volume and velocity. The rocks will also help stabilize the ground underneath. “In order to prevent erosion, you have to stop the water at its starting point,” says Mr. Soiland. “It’s a function of channeling or dissipating the water and getting it to not cause any damage while it moves to where it needs to go to get into our streams.”