Next Time, Just Say “No!”

by Chris Bjorklund

I was sad to hear that a friend’s husband was recently taken for a ride by some guys wandering their neighborhood selling pressure washing services. All the red flags were there.

#1. Three men came to the door and claimed to be finishing a pressure washing job in the neighborhood. They were offering a good price for the work.

#2. The lead guy was smooth-talking. He quoted $8 per cubic foot for the front patio but didn’t state the full price until the job was completed.

#3. The power wash included a “special treatment” that was added to the water, but the homeowner didn’t ask for the name of that product.

#4. Unexpected charges were added because of the “extra work” required to clean the stone pavers and a few stairs up to the patio.

#5. The workers didn’t have a company name or a business card. They told the homeowner they had rented the truck they were using, so there wasn’t a company name on that, either.

#6. They would only accept cash for the final job, which came to $200!

The worst part, according to my friend, is that the men used so much water pressure that a lot of the paint on the patio was chipped off. Of course, there’s no way to contact the guys who did the work to repair the damage—they’re long gone.

Please keep these red flags in mind the next time someone knocks on your door. Say “no” and don’t give any excuse other than you don’t do business with anyone who solicits door-to-door. This come-on is one of the oldest scams in the book.