New and Higher Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Windows

by Chris Bjorklund

Have you been thinking about installing new windows? John Gorman, owner of Save Energy Company, a Diamond Certified company, says if you buy double pane energy-saving windows now, you will qualify for a maximum of $1500 in federal tax credits. You’re allowed to deduct 30% of the cost of the materials through 2009 and 2010. For more detailed information on the tax credits, go to Double pane windows have improved a lot over the years, according to Mr. Gorman. Besides reducing your energy bills, they eliminate mold and mildew. People find that the new windows reduce street noise, which is a huge benefit. New tinting blocks harmful UV rays, so they protect your rugs and furniture from sun damage. In many homes, you can install new windows without replacing the casings or damaging your stucco.