So Many Ways to Find Helpful Expertise!

by Chris Bjorklund

Diamond Certified companies offer expertise in a variety of industries, from roofing to floors. Photo: Abbey Carpets by Fashion Floors, 2017

This summer, my husband and I had a flooring problem in our home. We have a rolling desk chair that was scratching the engineered hardwood flooring in a downstairs office, so we placed an area rug near the desk. However, the rug was too thick to move the chair back and forth easily. The next thing we tried was a plastic floor mat on top of the area rug. That solution kind of worked, but it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. It bugged me every time I walked by the desk.

Finally, I decided to get some expert help from my local Diamond Certified flooring store. They recommended buying a commercial-quality remnant and having it cut to fit the area around the desk. Without spending a lot of time or money, my problem was solved!

Besides tapping into the network of Diamond Certified companies in your area, I would like to remind you of all the other ways you can find expert advice.

If you’re a Diamond Certified Preferred Consumer, you’re regularly receiving our e-newsletters, including the Diamond Certified Consumer Report, which features different experts in a variety of service industries. For example, a recent issue covered tips on how to keep your home in tip-top shape. If you follow Diamond Certified on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll see videos from Diamond Certified company owners along with news, tips and resource lists for Bay Area consumers.

The Diamond Certified website has a special section for expert advice where you’ll find articles and videos on topics ranging from how to upgrade your electrical system when remodeling to how to
communicate better with your moving company when planning a move. Another great resource is the Diamond Certified Experts YouTube channel. The videos are organized in an easy-to-use classification system and you can subscribe to the channel if you want. That way, you’ll be notified when new videos are added.