Managing Your Kids’ Internet Use

by Chris Bjorklund

Chris B high res crop copyMany parents want help teaching their children about using technology safely, so Google has created a Family Safety Center to address that need. One section explains Google’s safety tools, including “Safe Search,” which allows you to eliminate sexually explicit content from search results. You’ll also find a detailed explanation about sharing controls and privacy settings for YouTube, Google Talk and Picasa Web Albums.

My favorite part of the site is “Tips From Parents at Google,” where engineers, executives and other employees talk about their own challenges managing their kids’ Internet use. Here are two suggestions: Keep your home computer in a central place so you can monitor your children’s online activity, and encourage your kids to view content with a critical eye by teaching them how to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources. The website’s resource section contains advice on cyber bullying, malware, meeting strangers online and sharing too much personal information. Check it out.