How to Maintain a Vinyl Fence

by Matt Solis


One reason vinyl fences are so popular is because they’re essentially maintenance-free after they’re installed. However, there are still simple steps you can take to ensure your fence maintains its appearance and efficiency for many years:

Clean the fence regularly. Mix a bit of non-abrasive household detergent with water, gently sponge away any grime and spray the fence down with a hose. Most greasy or oily stains can be easily wiped away with mineral spirits and a soft cloth.

Check the fence’s stability. No matter how securely your vinyl fence has been installed, sometimes freeze, thaw cycles and other natural forces can loosen its posts. It’s a good idea to periodically walk the fence line and make sure everything is still firm and straight. If the fence is unstable in any areas, use a shovel to adjust the earth around the posts and backfill as necessary.

Inspect the post caps. Due to expansion and contraction caused by shifting weather conditions, it’s not uncommon for snap-in fence post caps to become loose. Use a specially formulated PVC fence glue to secure the caps back in place.

Repair any broken pieces. Although vinyl fencing is flexible and durable, it can still be damaged if struck by a heavy object, such as a fallen tree limb. If this happens, it’s important to order replacement pieces that most closely match the original broken components. The actual repair procedures vary by circumstance—sometimes the fix is simple, while other times it requires moving another section of fencing and working backward.

Before purchasing a vinyl fence, make sure you examine it to ensure you’re getting the best possible product. Simply holding a test piece will tell you how resistant the fence will be to pressure and impact, whether it stretches and bends too easily, and other important characteristics.

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