Losing Your Hair? Find the Right Help

by Chris Bjorklund


When your hair starts falling out at an alarming rate, it’s time to see your primary doctor or dermatologist to find out the cause. For some, changing your diet or taking an oral medication helps reduce hair loss. For others, the solution may be a hair transplant. Hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Peter Panagatacos, a Diamond Certified physician, suggests taking your time when choosing your physician and asking lots of questions. “How long have you been doing it? Ask your own dermatologist who he would recommend or who would he go to if he were to have it done. Call the medical society. Find out if that doctor who does it is actually in good standing in the community.” It’s also important to meet with the doctor who will perform the hair transplant, not a salesperson. Dr. Panagatacos says this same doctor should do all your follow-up post-surgery and have an “open door policy” for every patient.