Locking in Your Utility Rate with Solar

by James Florence


While solar power offers financial benefits like utility rebates and tax incentives, the single greatest savings to be had is on your monthly power bill. Photo: Sierra Roofing & Solar (2014)

Modern consumers are relying on electrical power more than ever—a fact made apparent by the growing prominence of electric vehicles. The problem is that power rates aren’t static; they increase exponentially in proportion to increases in usage. So, if your power bills are out of control, it’s time to seriously consider installing a solar power system on your property.

The exponential correlation between usage and utility rate is something electric vehicle owners are finding out the hard way. Many people purchase electric vehicles to save money on gas, only to find that the extra energy usage doubles or even triples their electric bills. When you switch to solar power, however, not only does it allow you to produce your own electrical power, it also locks in your utility rate for the life span of your system, which exempts you from general rate increases and the exponential cost of increased usage. Since the average system carries a 25-year warranty, you stand to see significant long-term savings by making the switch.

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