Keep These Foods Away from Your Dog

by James Florence


A number of foods that we eat can be toxic for dogs if ingested. You may already know that chocolate is bad for them, especially chocolate with a high cocoa content. You should also make sure that you keep Macadamia nuts, rising bread dough, onions and garlic out of reach, according to Dr. Kristina Hansson, a Diamond Certified veterinarian with North Bay Animal Hospital. Fatty turkey and chicken skins are a no-no and may cause gastrointestinal disturbance or pancreatitis.

The last 2 items on the list of toxic foods may surprise you. Dr. Hansson says that grapes and raisins are extremely dangerous for your pet. “Many people aren’t aware that these are very toxic to dogs and can result in kidney failure. The mechanism is unknown for this, but it has been shown that quite a few dogs have died from acute renal failure from ingestion of either grapes or raisins.”